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Contrasting Lisa: Set a record of 12 million likes the fastest in Asian showbiz history, but thanks to the “ugliest” photo ever?

No one expected that the photo with the least shimmering appearance of Lisa would help her set a record on Instagram.

BLACKPINK members are “social network queens”, regularly breaking records on this front. Most recently, Lisa has become the Asian star with the fastest post reaching 11 million likes in history and the first Kpop idol with a post reaching 12 million “hearts”.

But in this post, Lisa’s appearance is not as gorgeous and luxurious as usual. Transforming into a death doll in Squid Game , wearing a flamboyant skirt, tying her hair with 2 bunches and having stupid bangs, Lisa “drowned” herself and brought endless laughter to the fans. But how paradoxical, it is the strange appearance, the visual that is not as attractive as the other series of carefully cared for photos that brought Lisa a social network record.

Lisa has just posted a series of cosplay photos of death dolls in Squid Game to play Halloween. The usual chic Lisa now has to temporarily be absent to make room for the “stupid” Lisa. The youngest member of BLACKPINK is very patient when “dumping” himself, wearing flashy outfits, wearing heavy makeup and even wearing stupid bangs that don’t respect his visuals. Her lifeless expression makes Lisa look even more different than usual

In stark contrast to the beautiful and luxurious eldest sister Jisoo when she transformed into Lisa herself for Halloween, the owner sacrificed her beauty to transform into a Squid Game death doll.

However, strangely, the photo with less glittering visual brought Lisa a new record. The youngest member of BLACKPINK has become an Asian star with the fastest post reaching 12 million likes in Kpop. I can’t believe that Lisa’s “changing” cosplay is so loved by fans

Lisa also posted a series of other close-up photos of her appearance when dressed as a scary doll in Squid Games. The expressionless expression and hairstyle did not enhance her facial features, but Lisa made fans “laugh out loud”

With this cosplay, Lisa became the Asian star with the fastest post reaching 12 million likes in history and the first Kpop idol to have a post reach 12 million hearts.

Normally, Lisa’s Instagram is always filled with photos showing off her beautiful, luxurious visuals and attractive body. It’s not natural that Lisa is the “Instagram queen” of both BLACKPINK and Kpop

There are no photos posted where Lisa looks bad. Even though it’s just a daily photo, a behind-the-scenes photo, the female idol still has amazing charisma

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