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Top 10 most powerful stars in Korea 2021: BTS and Squid Game stars compete for the throne, BLACKPINK is in the same rank as Kim Seon Ho?

Top most powerful stars in Korean entertainment industry gather all famous faces like BTS, BLACKPINK, Squid Game cast...

On the occasion of its 17th anniversary, JoyNews24 magazine held a survey from October 12-19 to choose the top most powerful stars of the year. 200 people in the industry, including employees of broadcasting and entertainment companies, film producers, and entertainment reporters, took part in the survey.

The list of the most powerful stars in showbiz in kimchi gathers all familiar faces such as BTS , BLACKPINK , the cast of Squid Game … BTS came out on top with an overwhelming number of votes, proving their popularity and class. outstanding. Thanks to the worldwide success of Squid Game , the film’s cast such as Lee Jung Jae , Jung Ho Yeon could not be absent from the top. In particular, Jennie made everyone admire when she alone occupied a position, even ranked higher than BLACKPINK.

1. BTS – 91 votes

BTS dominated this year’s Billboard chart and achieved a remarkable feat in the global music market. Therefore, it is not surprising that the group topped the list of powerful figures of Korean showbiz with 91 votes. The group has held the top spot of this list for 3 years in a row

2. Yoo Jae Suk – 27 votes

“National MC” Yoo Jae Suk ranked right after BTS with an impressive number of votes: 27 votes. 30 years after his debut, Yoo Jae Suk’s influence in the television industry has not waned. This year, Yoo Jae Suk continues to dominate showbiz with popular shows like Hang Out With You, You Quiz On The Block, Running Man, etc.

3. Im Young Woong – 14 votes

Champion Mr. Trot Im Young Woong is an extremely famous male singer in Korea, known to many generations of audiences. Im Young Woong is often in the top of the hottest singer charts of the month, even beating BTS and BLACKPINK many times.

4. Lee Jung Jae – 13 votes

Squid Games is not only famous in Asia but also has a great influence in the world, becoming the most popular Netflix series. Therefore, the male lead Lee Jung Jae cannot be absent from the top of the powerful characters. The popular actor has successfully consolidated his reputation with a new role, attracting more fans both in Korea and abroad.

5. Jung Ho Yeon – 11 votes

Following closely behind Lee Jung Jae is his co-star Jung Ho Yeon in Squid Game. Thanks to Squid Game, Jung Ho Yeon became a big star, and her popularity increased dramatically. Jung Ho Yeon is now the most followed Korean actress on Instagram, surpassing both Song Hye Kyo and Lee Sung Kyung.

6. Youn Yuh Jung – 8 votes

“National grandmother” Youn Yuh Jung has made history after becoming the first Korean actress to win a prestigious Oscar for her role in the movie Minari. In September, the veteran actress also entered the list of “100 most influential people in the world in 2021” announced by Time magazine.

7. Jennie (BLACKPINK) – 7 votes

Jennie has “alone a horse” to win a position in the top most powerful stars of the year. More importantly, the rank of “YG princess” is even above BLACKPINK. Despite having no solo music activities for the past year, Jennie still retains her heat. Everything she does, everywhere Jennie goes, everything Jennie wears can become a trend

8. IU – 5 votes

IU is the most famous and powerful female solo singer in Korea. Whether it’s singing or acting, IU has achieved remarkable achievements. Despite her young age, IU’s career has been 13 years. With her natural musical talent, improved acting ability, and beautiful beauty, IU has really built her own empire and position in the entertainment industry.

9. Lee Soo Man/Bang Shi Hyuk – 4 votes

Lee Soo Man is the president of SM Entertainment – Korea’s leading entertainment company. He is the one who helped the Hallyu wave spread globally, the “father” of a series of legendary groups such as HOT, DBSK, Super Junior, SNSD, EXO…

Bang Sih Hyuk is the founder of Big Hit Music, the forerunner of today’s billion-dollar empire HYBE Labels. It is “Bang’s father” who is behind the unprecedented success of BTS

10. BLACKPINK/Kim Seon Ho – 3 votes

It has been a year without a product since the first full album, but BLACKPINK is still firmly on the top of fame. Without a doubt, BLACKPINK is the top girl group of Kpop right now. 4 YG girls set many records in music, are representatives of many top fashion houses in the world

Sharing 10th place with BLACKPINK is actor Kim Seon Ho. He had the main male role in Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha, becoming the trending actor of Kbiz. Recently, he was caught in a shocking scandal when his ex-girlfriend forced him to have an abortion, almost standing on the verge of “exploding” his career. However, public opinion is gradually reversing after Dispatch helped Kim Seon Ho “turn the bet”.

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