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Great solo but Rosé and Lisa are still “no door” with Jennie, just look at this chart to know!

Jennie is quiet in music activities in 2021 but still excellently named in the ranking of powerful celebrities.

On November 1, the Korean newspaper Joy News 24 published the results of the survey “The most powerful celebrity”. In this list, only 4 idol names appear, including BTS, BLACKPINK, IU and Jennie.

The most notable is the presence of Jennie as a solo artist in the top 10. Even though she has not had personal music activities for a long time, Jennie is still a name that is very “popular” with the Korean public. It has a huge impact on all fields, both entertainment and advertising. She always owns high rankings on the monthly personal brand value rankings. In this survey, Jennie excellently received 7 votes and was officially “on the top” compared to the BLACKPINK sisters in Korea, even “surpassing” IU.

Top 10 most powerful celebrities in the Korean entertainment industry:

1. BTS – 91 votes

2. MC Yoo Jae Suk – 27 votes

3. Singer Lim Young Woong – 14 votes

4. Actor Lee Jung Jae – 13 votes

5. Actor Jung Ho Yeon – 11 votes

6. Actor Youn Yuh Jung – 8 votes

7. Jennie – 7 votes

8. IU – 5 votes

9. Producers Lee Soo Man and Bang Si Hyuk – 4 votes

10. BLACKPINK and actor Kim Seon Ho – 3 votes

Jennie ranked 7th in the list of powerful celebrities 2021

Reacting to Jennie’s presence in this list, netizens left many controversial comments. Many people expressed surprise because Jennie really didn’t have any outstanding individual activities in 2021, but still got her name in the rankings. Meanwhile, 2 members Rosé and Lisa both had successful solos but “no door” to set foot in this top powerful artist.

Jennie let the remaining 2 solo members of BLACKPINK “smell the smoke”

Specifically, netizens commented:

– Kim Jennie is so good! Wish her career and position more and more developed and solid, love it!

– Almost 3 years without comeback, still the boss of BLACKPINK. Jennie is always top!

– Happy little friend Jennie Kim, coming days SOLO 3 years old, and there forward you comeback too.

– BLACKPINK even lost to Jennie, Rosé and Lisa are too old.

– Even YG didn’t have a move for the group to return to the music track or even have their own solo direction, the best thing is that Jennie didn’t even go to any Korean TV shows in 2021. Still on the top alone, ” Kim Trendnie” – The Korea’s It Girl is a real product at a really good price.

Netizens are surprised by Jennie’s huge charm in Korea


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