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A character who spent nearly $30,000 to invite Jennie (BLACKPINK) on a dinner date, the identity made people fall back in series

Before this expensive dinner invitation, how does Jennie (BLACKPINK) react?

Jennie ( BLACKPINK ) is currently one of the top Kpop idols, with millions of fans around the world. Every fan wants to express their love for idols, and most recently, a special fan of Jennie named Christian Albert Gaza (also known as Xian Gaza) is receiving attention from residents. network.

This rich “hard fan” spent $30,000 to directly confess his love to the BLACKPINK member through a billboard near the YG Entertainment building. On the billboard, Gaza posted a photo of her face with an invitation in both English and Korean: “Kim Jennie Ruby Jane, can I take you to dinner? Can you make me the happiest man in the world?”

Jennie was openly invited to dinner by a man

This person sent an invitation through a billboard near YG

In fact, this is not the first time Xian Gaza has done this. Previously, in 2017, this man invited Filipino actress Erich Gonzales to date through a similar billboard, but she refused.

Answering the media about inviting Jennie to dinner, Xian Gaza explained, “I didn’t know how to contact her so I rented a billboard in Korea. I hope she will agree.” The cost of renting this billboard is up to 30,000 USD

However, many fans of BLACKPINK beauty have “exploded” Gaza as a scammer. In the past, a number of companies have reported being scammed large amounts of money by Gaza. Many fans think that although this confession is very “outstanding”, but Jennie will not pay attention to Xian Gaza because she is dating G-Dragon.

Gaza revealed to have spent nearly 30,000 USD  to put this billboard

Jennie is currently dating G-Dragon and she certainly won’t mind the “overplaying” confession



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