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Jennie, Lisa (BLACKPINK) “touched” the expensive camera with Justin Bieber’s wife, what’s the hottest thing that is the most sought after of all time?

This is a camera that was produced in the 1900s, and is among the most sought-after cameras of all time. All 3 cult stars Lisa, Jennie and Hailey Baldwin own it.

BLACKPINK is currently the second most successful and influential group in the land of kimchi. The 4 YG girls receive a lot of love for their talents, beautiful looks, and special interests. Among them can be mentioned film photography, all 3 girls Jennie, Rosé, Lisa own very expensive and rare cameras. In particular, Lisa owns the largest camera collection with dozens of expensive film cameras from many popular camera brands.

Photos taken from film cameras of BLACKPINK members

Lisa’s collection is overwhelming

Recently, in an image posted by Lisa on Instagram, netizens quickly discovered that Lisa was using a film camera from the Contax brand. Many netizens discovered that Lisa had “touched” with the wife of singer Justin Bieber – Hailey Baldwin.It seems that both girls love the high-quality camera from the Contax family.

This is not the first time Lisa has used a film camera from this company, even Lisa also owns both Contax T2 and Contax T2D versions (special anniversary edition)

Lisa “touched” a film camera with Justin Bieber’s wife – Hailey Baldwin

Lisa owns both Contax T2 and Contax T2D

Not only Lisa, but Jennie – her sister-in-law also loves Contax’s T2D film camera


The reason why many stars love this film camera from Contax despite its high price tag is because this camera is worth its time. The Contax T2D was released in the 1900s, and it still ranks as one of the most sought after cameras of all time to this day. Especially the solid gold version is the company’s anniversary version, making this machine more attractive than ever.

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