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Jennie followed Rosé and Lisa to do this, the group is now only waiting for Jisoo!

Jennie just brought another good news for her fans.

Recently, the Korean W newspaper and newspapers such as Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, … countries simultaneously reported that Chanel announced that Jennie would become the face of the brand’s Coco Crush jewelry line promotion campaign. in January next year. Needless to say how proud her fans are when just last month, Jennie was honored to be the face of Chanel’s Coco Neige winterwear campaign .

Taking pictures with “color of the soul”, Jennie shows the identity that only she has: classic, luxurious like a woman and the haughty, coddled features in a teenage girl. Wearing Chanel’s signature engraved rings, glossy black nails, sharp eyeliner, Jennie really makes viewers stop and admire her pictures longer.

Previously, Jennie many times took pictures of promotional magazines or attended Coco Crush’s events. Every time Jennie appears, Jennie brings a completely different concept, showing the diversity in style and most importantly, still honoring Coco Crush’s accessories, while keeping the classic and noble spirit. but adds a fresh, trendy look. And now the sweet fruit has come to Jennie when she officially joined Coco Crush’s promotional campaign and has a title many people wish for.

Jennie is the successor to Lisa and Rosé who have a reputation with the jewelry promotion campaign that she participates in. Currently, Lisa is the Global Ambassador of Bvlgari jewelry brand. She is a familiar face in the company’s recent promotional campaigns

Rosé is also not inferior when becoming the Global Ambassador of American jewelry brand Tiffany & Co. Since the day she became famous with Tiffany & Co, Rosé is rarely absent from the brand’s promotional campaigns

As someone who has been promoting activities with the Cartier jewelry brand since early, Cartier has not yet “dropped hints” about Jisoo’s new identity or future with the brand. Because the luxurious, confident and independent image suits Cartier very well, fans are looking forward to the two sides being able to return home soon. After all, she is also the member with the latest fashion brand reputation, but in terms of size, the 3 sisters have to be wary when Jisoo “holds” two Dior fashion and beauty lines at the same time, so maybe Cartier is hatching something bigger for Jisoo?

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