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BLACKPINK and each member’s charisma when advertising lipstick

They are all advertising faces for famous cosmetic brands, let's find out which member of BLACPINK when advertising lipstick is the best.

BLACKPINK is the only group in K-pop where each member is an advertising face for famous cosmetic brands. In particular, their lipstick advertising images are the most noticeable. On this occasion, let’s review and evaluate overall which member of BLACKPINK has the best lipstick advertising.


Jennie shows her cool aura through each frame. (Picture: Pinterest)

Jennie’s sharp aura and attractive expression are undeniable in the lipstick advertisement images. Jennie looks professional and attractive just like professional models advertising products.

Jennie uses a lipstick grip in most of the pictures. (Picture: Pinterest)

There is no denying that Jennie’s lipstick ad photo is very attractive, but if you look closely, you can see that she often uses a way to hold the product like this. It’s beautiful alone, but together, it makes no difference, making the audience regret that they can’t see the diversity on Jennie’s side.


Rosé is always beautiful and has a personality that attracts people’s eyes. (Picture: Pinterest)

It is undeniable that Rosé is very pretty and has a great personality, but in terms of one color when advertising lipstick in particular or cosmetics in general, she cannot escape. Although the way to pose when advertising lipstick seems to be more diverse than Jennie’s, Rosé still maintains the same side angle. Having a color in the process of taking pictures is quite taboo for professional photo models.

Rosé when advertising other cosmetic products. (Picture: Pinterest)

When she had to show off her beauty in advertising other cosmetic products, the beauties born in 1997 also had a way of posing and making expressions as if taking hundreds of photos at a time and then gradually using them. Fans still believe that Rosé’s potential doesn’t stop there, maybe it’s because the concept of the photo shoot requires that. Hopefully in the next ad shoots, we will see more expressions, face angles and poses from Rosé.


The youngest sister Lisa is too classy. (Picture: Pinterest)

Also sharing the same fate with Jennie and Rosé, the youngest sister Lisa has also been repeatedly criticized for her lack of expressive diversity when taking advertising photos. This problem is seen even more clearly when looking at her lipstick advertisement images. Even without looking at the photo, I can already imagine what Lisa will look like or how to hold the product when there is a new photo of her.

isa’s beauty and aura, although very ecstatic, still suffers from the same color as the sisters. (Photo: Pinterest)

Side angle, dreamy eyes, cold aura and especially “cold open lips” are the features that appear frequently in Lisa’s lipstick advertising series. Actually, it’s fine to say that it’s Lisa’s own expression “brand”, but it can be seen that she has a lot of potential and has great advertising achievements, if there is more variety in expressions. feeling, perhaps “perfect” would be the most accurate word to give her.


Jisoo excels in the race of charismatic expressions when taking advertising photos. (Picture: Pinterest)

Usually, many people say that Jisoo is pale, because her gentle and elegant beauty is not as strong as the three sisters in the group. However, in this competition, Jisoo showed a variety of expressions and poses. I don’t know if it’s because the company trained to become an actress, but the expression of the beauty born in 1995 always changes in each series of different advertising photos, giving the public a new and more interesting look. so many, so much.


Jisoo is sharp in changing the image of her eyes and lips through each photo shoot. (Picture: Pinterest)

Not only changes in eyes, lips or the way of holding products, but Jisoo’s aura is also completely different in each photo, depending on the requirements of the creative team. That’s why the audience is very excited and always looks forward to every time Jisoo’s lipstick ad is released.

Regardless, Jennie, Rosé or Lisa will be accepted by the fans, but changing for the better and more beautiful is a very good thing to do for idols. At that time, the already great image of BLACKPINK will now be flawless and no one will be able to find anything to blame.

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