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Finally, there is a clear image of Jennie (BLACKPINK) at LACMA: Charming “suffocating”, the body is more beautiful than the supermodel Squid Game

The pose of Jennie (BLACKPINK) and the female lead Squid Game - Jung Ho Yeon made the social network explode.

Yesterday (November 7), the LACMA Art + Film Gala event took place in Los Angeles, USA and became a media focus thanks to the presence of Hollywood and Korean stars. In addition to the Squid Game cast such as Lee Jung Jae , Jung Ho Yeon , actors Lee Min Ho, Lee Byung Hun and Kang Dong Won, the popular female idol Jennie (BLACKPINK) also appeared at the event and made people’s hearts stop. discussed.

Although only appearing through a black and white photo, the famous close friends Jennie and Jung Ho Yeon are enough to make the social network wobble. And today (November 8), the female lead Squid Game posted a photo with Jennie attending yesterday’s event. Not ashamed of the “holy body”, wearing a tight black dress, Jennie showed off her full sexy top-notch body, no less than her close friend supermodel. The 90-degree square shoulders, tiny ant waist, sexy curves, and long arms of the “YG princess” made people blush, praising her.

The pose between the cult best friends of the Korean entertainment industry made people feverish. As a supermodel, Jung Ho Yeon has a standard slim body that doesn’t need to be adjusted. But Jennie is not inferior,

Yesterday, even though only appeared in a black and white photo, the duo with Joanna Chun – the rumored love of V (BTS) still made people feverish.

Jennie is beautiful and extremely prominent among the Asian and European guests

Jung Ho Yeon and Jennie have been close friends for a long time, often go out and support each other in all activities

When Jung Ho Yeon was filming Squid Game, Jennie went to the set to visit her best friend…

.. and send coffee carts to support the film crew

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