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BLACKPINK Always Slays When They Wear Suits—Here’s How They Wear Them Differently

We’re loving their unique styles!

When it comes to fashion, BLACKPINK always impresses! Their usual sets of clothes include dresses and skirts, but that’s not to say that they don’t slay in different styles either.

They especially look drop dead gorgeous in suits—and they all put their unique twists on them. Check out their different styles below!

1. Jennie
First up, Jennie has a very chic aura when wearing suits.

She’s a trend-setter for sure in her brightly colored outfits…

…her crop tops…

…and her dress-like blazers. She gives a whole new dimension to the staple attire!

2. Jisoo
Jisoo, meanwhile, is more traditional in her fashion sense. She wears classic cuts and colors like grey and white whenever she dons suits.

She’s ladylike and elegant without a doubt!

3. Rosé
In contrast, Rosé has a very preppy style. She once made headlines when she paused for photos before boarding a flight to Paris, taking everyone’s breaths away due to her cute fashion.

She looks like she could make an appearance in teen shows like Gossip Girl.

4. Lisa
Finally, Lisa has a very cool aura when wearing suits. There’s a reason why she is constantly viewed as the pinnacle of the “girl crush” concept!

Her charismatic aura is undeniable, whether she’s posing for magazine shoots or hanging out with her groupmates outside.

She’s a girl boss from head to toe!

When it comes to style, BLACKPINK always wears eye-catching clothing.

They always make sure to show their own colors through fashion.

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