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That’s BLACKPINK’s Jisoo, and this is Miss Korea’s Ji Soo!

Not only has the same name as the female idol of BLACKPINK, this Miss also has a "burning" fashion sense.

Fans often affectionately call Jisoo (BLACKPINK) as Miss Korea because her face is on the verge of “national treasure of beauty” in the land of ginseng, hoping that the female idol will attend a certain Miss contest and win the title. highest position.


In fact, in the beauty arena, a beauty has just been crowned with the same name as an idol, also very beautiful and has a completely “burnt” body. The girl named Kim Ji Soo – makes a strong impression because it’s been a long time since Korea has had such a fiery figure!

The new Miss Kim Ji Soo has a face that converges many different plastic surgery standards: a high and sharp nose, big pigeon eyes and an ideal oval face.

At the age of 23, she has a full and strong body that matches the standards of body selection of Miss Universe contests. The height of 1m76 helps her perfectly wear this haughty fishtail dress

A full bust is also an advantage that helps Kim Jisoo easily wear off-the-shoulder, late skirts

Ji Soo’s modern dressing style and sexy style brought a new breath to the Miss Korea village

With this unique face, she can transform her style from a high-class lady

Before Ji Soo, only Honey Lee was Miss with the right beauty for Miss Universe. Honey Lee resonates thanks to her fiery figure that helps her “beautify” the bold bikini and evening dress designs

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