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What’s this: Rumor has it that Lisa is in the US with Jennie, BLACKPINK is preparing to film their comeback MV abroad?

The news that Lisa is present in Los Angeles causes confusion because the schedule is too tight, like a "ninja"!

Rumors of Lisa’s presence in Los Angeles (USA) are causing a stir in the Blink community. This rumor has been circulating on Twitter since days ago, but there is no verifiable source. On the morning of November 8 (Vietnam time), a fan who went to the Head In The Cloud (HITC) music festival confirmed that Lisa was in the US.


Video of fans waiting to send gifts to Lisa at HITC backstage

On Instagram, the fan posted a video at the back of the HITC stage and said, “I’m waiting for Lisa. I want to give Lisa this shirt. Lisa is backstage watching Niki perform”.

This person also met and took pictures with CL (2NE1) , Kitty Chicha and Chi Pu at the backstage of HITC, so many Vietnamese fans believe the information given is reliable.

Vietnamese fans posted photos of a text message with Lisa’s manager named Daniel after sending gifts to idols

his person also met and gave CL gifts at HITC

Besides, BLACKPINK fans also noticed that Lisa and Jennie’s manager went to dinner together in the US yesterday. Choreographer Cheshir Ha, Lisa’s close friend, was also present in Los Angeles. These facts make many people believe that Lisa has somehow turned into a “ninja” to travel to the West without anyone knowing.

International fans also looked at the questionable photo of Lisa and Jennie’s managers going to dinner together in the US. At the same time, a dance choreographer of Lisa also posted a schedule to be in Los Angeles from November 8-18

In addition, an account named Bryanboy also shared on Twitter that he went to dinner with “one of the girls of BLACKPINK”. Although this person did not reveal the member’s name, many comments confirmed “definitely Lisa” .

An American guy’s shocking status line

The photo of Lisa at HITC goes viral on Twitter

Jennie went to the US on October 26, and Rosé also departed for New York on November 3. Some fans believe that Jennie, Rosé and Lisa are all present in the US is not a coincidence. Maybe the BLACKPINK girls are working on some project abroad. There are also rumors on social media saying that Jisoo will also go to the US in the next few days. This information makes the Blink community extremely excited, “guessing old and guessing” about BLACKPINK’s comeback MV shot in the US.

Fans speculate that BLACKPINK will film their comeback MV in Los Angeles

Some comments:

– If true, when did Lisa fly? We stan not only the YouTube group, the ambassador group, but also the ninja group.

– I’ve heard the rumor, it’s already high. If it’s true, I’ll probably faint all day.

– Sometimes Jisoo only posts pictures at home, but the whole group is in the US!

– I hope BLACKPINK goes to America to film their comeback MV. Very hot.

– If it’s true that Jennie and Lisa are in Los Angeles, can you kindly ask people to take a photo together?

– It’s so hot, whether it’s a comeback or a collab, whatever. Having activities abroad is fun!

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