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jisoo – Jung Hae In broke the social network island with just 1 photo: Want to faint because of the visual combo of the Kpop goddess and the male god of the movie, who does it again?

With only the new poster, the couple Jisoo (BLACKPINK) - Jung Hae In made the social network explode and constantly talked, eagerly waiting for the movie to air.

The closer to the release date, the movie Snowdrop of Jisoo ( BLACKPINK ) and Jung Hae In makes people eagerly look forward to it. Not to mention the content, just the visual combination between the top 3rd generation Kpop beauty goddess and the famous actor is enough to satisfy the eye.

On today (November 9), the movie’s official poster was released. The extreme visuals of the two actors and the romantic “chemical reaction” overflowed the screen, making the social network explode immediately. As expected of the top beauty goddess, Jisoo is beautiful, gentle, sweet and even a little dreamy, making fans like “wanting to faint” in series. The male screen god Jung Hae In is handsome, very suitable for the eldest sister BLACKPINK. The extreme tilt angle of the two actors is also shown thoroughly in this poster. The combo “double visual” no one else did makes people even more eager to wait for the movie to air.

Just admiring the beauty is enough to see the sweet “chemical reaction” of the new screen couple. The goddess of beauty Jisoo makes the frame bright, beautiful, sweet and dreamy with the handsome and attractive male actor on the screen.

The images from the previous teaser of the film also made people constantly share and discuss. The couple’s visuals have turned each film into an artistic scene

I don’t know what the movie’s content is, but the combination of the two actors’ excellent visuals is enough to make fans crazy

In the previous interview, the screen couple’s visuals also became a hot topic. The “mist” screenshot can’t drown out the beauty of Jisoo and Jung Hae In

Hardly anyone can resist Jisoo’s sweet smile as well as Jung Hae In’s warm beauty. With such a great visual, who will remake these two?

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