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Jisoo’s blockbuster (BLACKPINK) revealed a big hint of a tragic ending, netizens panicked “crying blind eyes”

Excited not long ago, Jisoo's fans had to worry again because she might have a tragic fate at Snowdrop.

After many days of waiting, the blockbuster Snowdrop starring Jisoo and Jung Hae In has finally released the main poster. In addition to the excitement of the two main actors’ excellent visuals and sweet chemistry, netizens are also impatient, worried that the film will have a tragic ending.

Because, Snowdrop fans quickly caught a super big hint from the poster of the two main characters. Looking from the perspective of Young Ro (Jisoo) can see that her eyes are always towards Suho (Jung Hae In). However, he did not follow her gaze. Is Young Ro’s love affair in Snowdrop a one-way love, or the difficulty based on the movie’s content is about “a desperate love”. If the motif of Snowdrop is built similar to the previous tragic wartime love stories, it is highly likely that one of the two characters will die and open a sad ending.

In addition, considering the “sub-character” of the poster is a snowdrop flower (also known as a point snowflake). It can be seen that the flower branch points towards Young Ro, the curved and concave direction of the flower is arranged like creating a half heart shape towards Young Ro. Besides, the meaning of the snowflake line symbolizes hope and comfort. Snowflakes were once an unlucky symbol because they signaled bad omens or even meant an early death. From the poster, there are many theories that Young Ro or Suho will die. And because of the psychological effect, one of the two deduces that the other is still alive and still beside him as the meaning of the snowflakes.

Before that, Youth of May used to make people lose sleep because of a sad ending, a similar poster was built

Netizens’ comments:

– I still haven’t gotten over the trauma of Youth of May .

-But Jisoo suits tragic roles so well!

– I’ve heard the smell of crying and blinded my eyes, why is Jisoo acting in her first movie, why is it so tragic.

– It’s true that Snowdrop has a really sad ending.

– See the sad ending too, supporting Ms. Jisoo is the main thing!

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