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Lisa (BLACKPINK) blatantly revealed the “hint” to the iPhone 13 even though she was an ambassador for another phone company?

In just a few short seconds, netizens discovered that Lisa was using an iPhone 13. Regardless of criticism, all 4 members of BLACKPINK have had new iPhones.

Once the ambassadors for the Korean technology giant – Samsung, the BLACKPINK members have recently been harshly criticized for openly using rival phones – iPhones right after their contracts expired.

Out of the 4 members of BLACKPINK, only Lisa is not openly using iPhone because she is currently an ambassador for Vivo phone company, but has also revealed many times that “hint” is using Apple products.

BLACKPINK is a genuine iFan when continuously being born from iPhone XS Max to 11 Pro Max, to 12 Pro Max and recently “bought” Apple’s latest iPhone product – iPhone 13. The eldest sister Jisoo is the first. First, followed by Rosé, Jennie and recently Lisa were also screened for iPhone 13.

All 4 members chose for themselves the hottest color of iPhone 13 is sierra blue


Netizens are really smart when they see that Lisa has launched iPhone 13 in just a few seconds of video on DJ Snake’s Instagram story. Contrary to the fact that the other 3 members openly use iPhones, Lisa has to “stealth” because she is currently the face of Vivo (a phone company from China). She often accompanies the company’s new product lines from about August 2020 until now.

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