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BLACKPINK pocketed the 5th billion-view MV, setting a record but unsatisfied fans blamed one product for the slow down

On the morning of November 12, BLACKPINK officially pocketed the next MV to reach 1 billion views, ” How You Like That” . Released on June 26, 2020, How You Like That took a total of 503 days to reach this milestone, also the fastest girl group MV to reach 1 billion views in Kpop.

BLACKPINK’s MV How You Like That has now reached 1 billion views and 22 million likes on YouTube

Poster celebrating 1 billion views for YG’s How You Like That, BLACKPINK is beautiful but the design is criticized for “allum”

How You Like That is the 5th MV (out of 10 of BLACKPINK’s MVs) to reach 1 billion views. Besides being the fastest girl group’s MV to reach 1 billion views, How You Like That also helped the group have another record of the largest number of likes for a girl group (22 million likes).



MV How You Like That – BLACKPINK

However, these impressive achievements still do not make BLACKPINK fans satisfied for an extremely perverse reason. The story is that the dance practice version of How You Like That has now reached more than 900 million views, breaking all records in the dance practice segment of Kpop. Many people believe that it is because of this “unruly” dance practice that the official MV How You Like That is somewhat affected in terms of view rate increase:

– How You Like That rose so slowly, but it’s still a record?

-I’ve been paying attention to the dance practice song all day but forgot about this MV.

– It’s all because of the dance practice version that the new MV is so slow in view.

– If it weren’t for dance practice, the MV would have reached billions of views a long time ago.

-The dance practice track that follows is about to surpass the MV.

– YG’s poster is a bit alum.

– Someone fix the poster for me.

Just wait and see, the dance practice version will surpass the MV one day!



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