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Clip: In short, Lisa goes to the bar to “flash” with this kind of heat, and stands “rubbing the plate” and embracing DJ Snake very boldly!

Lisa "flipped" with the roof ball with DJ Snake, making fans excited.

On the evening of October 12, fans couldn’t help but be excited when Lisa (BLACKPINK) appeared with DJ Snake at a bar in the US. She has only been in the West for a few days, but she has “flipped” the roof ball, making the fans stand still.

Lisa (BLACKPINK) appeared with DJ Snake at a bar in the US

Specifically, in the video, Lisa stands out with pink hair and jeans, a simple teenage crop top, swinging on the background of SG music . Fans also joked that even though Lisa was rocking, the mask still didn’t fall, which is a “miracle”. Not only that, but she also showed off her extremely talented “scrub” next to DJ Snake, making fans say that this is the story of a girl going to the bar?


Lisa dancing to SG makes fans restless

Besides, Lisa danced and acted very intimately next to DJ Snake when she didn’t hesitate to hug the DJ in the middle of a crowd. Many fans are worried whether there is any “cheat” between these two names, or is it simply a normal act between close friends?


Lisa dances very well with DJ Snake

Despite the great fun, the main dancer of the BLACKPINK family still did not forget to follow the rules of epidemic prevention when the mask is always an inseparable object. Fans are also extremely excited when it’s been a long time since they’ve seen this defiant image of Lisa:

– Dance while wearing a mask, the pinnacle of “dance”, everyone.

– I’m about to become a professional scrubber, dear!

– Lisa hugs DJ Snake too, I doubt it.

– Now Lisa is so happy, crazy!

– Lisa who came to the US was bold and played immediately. Let’s dance with DJ Snake, Lisa.

– Dance but still don’t forget to wear a mask, Lisa is always the best!

– Whoever went to the bar today is a lucky winner, Lisa is too lazy.

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