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Outraged at the clip Rosé was called with an vulgar word when she went to the US to watch basketball, fans were so angry that they didn’t want the idol to go abroad!

Besides the large number of fans who always support and love, Rosé still suffers from racial discrimination when coming to the US.

Recently, the members of BLACKPINK are spending time traveling and visiting America. She Rosé is also noticeable when viewing 1 basketball match within the framework of American League 1 10/11 NBA last day. However, while going to see the ball at Madison Square Garden, New York (USA), the Korean female idol was disturbed by an uncharacteristic man.

Since the evening, many fans have been waiting outside the field to see her for a while. Still, some people didn’t understand why the crowd was excited to see Rosé pass by. When the fans were focusing on the idol, a man in the back suddenly asked, “Who is that? Who is that person?” and call her by the sensitive word of a fictional character. This word is often used as a profanity about Asians. Therefore, many fans can’t help but worry, fearing that Rosé will be upset by the rude question.


A man repeatedly calls Rosé with a sensitive word, and then laughs rudely

On TikTok, this clip has attracted 329 thousand views and more than 1000 comments. Many fans were extremely angry and indignant at this man’s actions. Netizens hope that Rosé doesn’t hear that statement amidst the noisy crowd. Many argue that this is why they don’t like BLACKPINK members traveling abroad, because Asian racism is still a burning problem in the US.

Under the comments section, many netizens expressed their anger and concern for the female idol

Rosé caused a stir on social media when she appeared at the basketball game in Los Angeles

Rosé’s activities in the US are closely watched by the media and fans


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