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What happens to BLACKPINK and YouTube when the platform hides the dislike button?

YouTube said that they will officially hide the dislike button on their platform, which makes many netizens "coffee" because YouTube is the one who benefits the most?

YouTube is the largest video viewing platform in the world today with millions of views per hour. This platform is gradually becoming familiar with features such as: like, dislike, share, comment…helping videos receive more objective reviews and increase interaction with viewers. However, recently YouTube has officially confirmed that they will remove the dislike button on videos to “protect” content creators.

New changes from YouTube

So if the dislike button is gone, BLACKPINK will be the group that is “secretly happy” in his heart. Korea’s most popular girl group will now officially escape when 4 MVs of the group all have 1 million dislikes, which are: K ill This Love, Ice Cream, DDU-DU DDU-DU, How You Like That.

In particular, the song “Ice Cream” in collaboration with Selena Gomez is the MV that reached 1 million dislikes on YouTube after just one month of its broadcast, becoming the most disliked K-Pop MV in the shortest time in Kpop history.

However, BLACKPINK ‘s achievements are nothing compared to YouTube’s own year-end video called “YouTube Rewind 2018” released in 2018. This is the most hated content on this platform with 19 million dislikes at the time. current score, surpassing Justin Bieber’s achievement with the song “Baby”.

Until now, why YouTube Rewind 2018 holds this position is still a “mystery”. Many experts believe that YouTube’s unfairness in reviewing the outstanding YouTubers that year has angered netizens. The wave of collective dislikes also caused this content to have a huge amount of dislikes in a short time. Besides, many comments below the video also show that this content of YouTube is extremely bland.

With the bold decision to remove the legendary dislike button, YouTube is also saving itself from this unwanted title.

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