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This is the reason why BLACKPINK always wears beautiful outfits, and BTS “can’t even dream of reaching this level”

The story of Kpop idols’ performance outfits is always a topic of great interest from fans. If BLACKPINK is often praised for their unique and beautiful outfits, BTS fans often criticize Big Hit’s stylist for bad work.

Recently, both stylists of BTS and BLACKPINK had a short interview with W Korea magazine . Reading each person’s contradictory answers, Knet can only feel bored: that’s why BTS and BLACKPINK’s outfits have such a difference in the level of mixing!

BLACKPINK is famous for dressing well, stage outfits are always impressive and unique

Park Min Hee, stylist of BLACKPINK shared, “Fashion is not only wearing beautiful clothes, but also being unique” . Stylist Park is famous for her cutting-edge costumes from luxury brands, her creative thinking helps BLACKPINK always refresh their image every time they appear.

“I learned that from stylist Choi Kyung Won. I’ve done a lot of bold ideas before, so now I can unleash my creativity. Sometimes I stay up at night trying to sew shapes on the belt. back or make canvas shoes” , Park Min Hee said.

According to Park, a basic outfit is a boring outfit! Mixing and matching, creating unique details on the members’ outfits will help the outfit become “1-0-2”, no one can copy BLACKPINK.

BLACKPINK’s performance costumes always meet the criteria of creativity and fit each member’s physique

Aside from creativity, stylist Park Min Hee explains her other big priority when choosing, designing outfits is comfort for the members. “I try to make sure they don’t feel uncomfortable in any outfit. If the performer doesn’t feel completely comfortable wearing it, then they can’t give the best performance . ”

“If I’m looking at a cute dress, but if it doesn’t fit the choreography, I’ll consider changing it to pants. Or if I’m fixing a dress that doesn’t fit, I try to cut it. and use it as a shirt,” added Park Min Hee.

If BLACKPINK’s stylist Park Min Hee was praised for her creative thinking and meticulous work, BTS’ stylist Lee Ha Jeong was disappointed because the answer was somewhat superficial and sketchy. . It is worth mentioning, Lee said she has worked with BTS since debut, but fans think that this stylist does not understand the body shape or image that best suits each BTS member.

BTS’s outfits in recent years are said to lack creative ideas, the size does not fit each member’s body

When asked about his signature style of mixing clothes, stylist Lee said, “I like to combine different styles” . She also revealed that Harry Styles has inspired her a lot because of her free and lovely style.

“Because BTS is very active, they always need a huge amount of clothes. If there is a brand that suits the stage concept, we will discuss it with the company and design the outfit in different ways.” , Lee shared.

Regarding consulting with fans, Lee said, “Every stage has a clear concept, so it’s not easy to implement all of the fan’s ideas. I consulted many people. in a variety of ways from music, stage directing, staging and performance. Even so, we try to be as open-minded as we can . ”

Stylist Lee’s answers were met with criticism from BTS fans. The Army thinks that the minimum of an outfit is to fit the body, but stylist Lee never mentioned fixing the outfit, or mixing clothes to match each member’s image. Stylist Lee was also criticized for “imitating Harry Styles”, “trying out different styles but failing to meet the wishes of the fans”.

How beautiful would she be if she wore it in 2017

So now I’m so “bored”

Some comments:

– Read the answer to know why one group dresses well, one group always has to wear original calf clothes that come back from the factory but have not been adjusted to fit.

– Stylist Park really has a heart. She is always looking for ideas anywhere, at any free time. That’s why BLACKPINK is dressed so well.

– One person pays attention to every detail, another is so negligent that each member wears oversized clothes.

– Jealous of BLACKPINK having a good stylist. Their success and charisma is largely due to their high-class fashion that no other group can imitate.

– There’s a limit to BTS fans’ tolerance. The group brought in huge revenue but were treated poorly.

– In the time of DNA, MIC Drop was dressed so well, it got boring later on.

Many BTS outfits were called “disasters” because of their gaudy colors and cheesy fabric.

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