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BLACKPINK and pink hair: Lisa – Rosé has nothing to criticize, if Jennie – Jisoo plays with this style, it must be “out of sauce”

If Jisoo and Jennie really follow this style, BLACKPINK "owns" the list of female stars with the most beautiful pink hair.

The story of changing hair color seems to be normal for Kpop idols, but for BLACKPINK, it is not really. In the group, only Rosé regularly changes her hair color, while the other 3 members change their hair color quite rarely, only sticking to a fixed hair color for a long time. This is also the reason that every time BLACKPINK dyes new hair, it creates a terrible effect.
Just yesterday, Lisa excited Blink too much when she uploaded a picture with a super cute pink hair dyed new bob. She even wears a pink sweater and has pink nail polish to match. This is also the first time Lisa dyed her hair pink, in the past, if she didn’t wear a wig, it was also a fan edited photo. Now both fans and idols are satisfied

Wouldn’t it be a waste to take the stage name Rosé without dyeing her hair pink? Compared to the legendary blonde hair color, Rosé with pink hair is equally beautiful, she suits bright dyes very well. Having pink hair a lot, but every time Rosé changes a few details such as curling, straightening, dyeing pastel colors, mixing colors or “playing” with the original pink color. But only with pink hair, not “banh beo”, people are also rebellious and thorny!

As for BLACKPINK’s 2 big sisters, only Jennie has dyed her hair pink but only dyed her bangs, the rest of them both only wore wigs. However, the impression that Jennie and Jisoo left is not light. For example, Jennie’s “Yang Guo” hairstyle once became a trend

If the above wig styles are stopping at the normal beauty level, then the 2 styles edited by fans below really make fans “wow”. If Jennie and Jisoo dyed their hair really pink, followed the style of a European American girl with thick lips, sharp makeup, or a bit of a wild, personality of cowboys, social networks would explode. But waiting for the day 2 of her to dye her head pink is still a long way off, because this hair color has to be bleached and dyed many times, keeping the color is still difficult, if the hair is not healthy, it will be a lot of hesitation.


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