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BLACKPINK sisters invite each other to wear expensive outfits, showing off their slim waists in the West

In the US days, the BLACKPINK girls often wear outfits that show off their small waists.

Recently, BLACKPINK regularly appears in the US. Every time they come here, the members confidently wear quite bold outfits. Many fans also realize that the girls are very fond of models that show off their slim waists. Every time they appear with the same fashion style, the group makes people “fascinated”.

The girls show off their slim waist. (Screenshots)

Right from the moment she appeared at the airport to Los Angeles, Jennie wore an eye-catching outfit. It’s a Maison Kitsune shirt combined with Calvin Klein low-rise pants. This combination looks both simple but also personality and youthful.

BLACKPINK leads the list of hottest female idols in November 2021.
After setting foot on American soil, Jennie repeatedly “cut the hearts” of fans with very bold 2-string crop tops. From Dion Lee’s Crochet Corset to the Gigi top from fashion house Nana Jacqueline, she wears it all. The common point of the above designs is that they all help the female idol show her small waist.

The item that Jennie chose seems to be quite picky

This outfit also helps her increase the length of her legs. (Photo: Outfit_blackpink4)

Following in the footsteps of her sisters, Rosé, after coming to the US, also quickly joined the race. She also cleverly transformed YSL’s T-shirt into a croptop, combined with The Row’s blazer. The above combination gives the female idol a very polite demeanor, but no less high fashion.

Calculate the total value of the outfit up to hundreds of millions. (Photo: Outfit_blackpink4)

Most recently, Rosé and Jennie were present at the after party of Paris Hilton. After that, the two sisters happily rode the roller coaster together. That day, the two made people “dazzle” when wearing outfits to reveal their sexy waists.

The flashy but unique appearance of Jennie and Rosé. (Photo: Twitter)

In particular, some observant netizens discovered that Jennie has been promoting low-waist pants lately. She often wears these pants with personality croptops. On the other hand, Rosé continued to shorten the t-shirt and wear the same blazer. This time, she chose a shirt from GUIZIO and NANUSHKA.

Rosé’s personality set. (Photo: Outfit_blackpink4)

As one of the “holy bodies” of BLACKPINK, Lisa certainly will not pass up this opportunity. Just arrived in the US, the female idol had a meeting with her best friend Niki Zefanya. She wore a Vintage top model of Jean Paul Gaultier fashion house with Celine Necklace pants. The above item helps Lisa look very different and outstanding.

Lisa’s expensive outfit. (Photo: Outfit_blackpink4)

On the day of participating in KIIS FM RADIO with host Jojo Wright, she chose another outfit that was more polite but still active. It is the Giulia corset top model of VIVIENNE WESTWOOD – this shirt not only helps Lisa gently show off her waist, but also makes her stand out more. It is known that on the market this style of shirt costs 840 USD

The clothes are very suitable for Lisa to attend a radio show. (Photo: Twitter)

Recently, Lisa also updated her pictures of traveling to the West on her personal page. In the photo, the female idol “cuts the hearts” of fans when combining a crop top cardigan with Alexander Wang’s distinctive bra

Lisa also impressed with BVLGARI’s jewelry accessories.Besides crop top models, BLACKPINK girls are also giving a lot of love to small bags. Most members often choose dark clothes colors when going out with friends.

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