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Lisa landed at the Korean airport after traveling in the US, leaving her bare face 100% exposed, but is her beauty true to the “cutlery” question?

After a long time traveling in the US, Lisa has officially returned to Korea. At the airport, the female idol confidently left her face completely bare, not afraid of rumors of "smashing her face and rebuilding"

While Jennie and Rosé ( BLACKPINK ) were still traveling in the US, at dawn this morning (November 16), Lisa returned to Korea. Appearing after a long and tiring flight, Lisa is still extremely friendly, always trying to smile and wave to fans and reporters at Incheon Airport, Korea.

The colorful pink outfit and the extremely short cut pink hair make the YG female idol stand out even more at the airport. Most especially, the youngest member of BLACKPINK also has a 100% bare face, absolutely no makeup, freely publicizing his bare face despite the rumors of “cutlery” . The move to be ready to show off her beauty without makeup seems to have helped Lisa somewhat smash the plastic surgery suspicion. Although wearing a mask to cover her face, it can be seen that Lisa is still extremely beautiful and radiant.

Lisa has officially returned to Korea after traveling to America to do many solo activities

The youngest member of BLACKPINK wears a striking red and pink “tree”, becoming the focus at the airport

After dyeing her hair pink, this is the first time Lisa appeared in front of fans. The pink-haired doll is now strangely cool and personal after being “so sexy” in America.

Lisa confidently leaves her bare face without any makeup and is still beautiful, despite the rumors of “cutlery”

BLACKPINK’s maknae’s big round eyes are still outstanding without makeup

She is constantly smiling, waving and interacting with fans

Before that, Lisa was accused by doctor Charles.S.Lee of “smashing her face and rebuilding

Lisa has had a spectacular makeover to become what she is today, but according to many fans, it is the result of a process of changing styles and makeup. In many angles, Lisa’s nose is still as big as before, proving that she is not “cutlery”.

During the past time, fans have been “thrilled” many times before Lisa’s series of photos in America. She is becoming more and more attractive and daring. The word “flirting” with DJ 2 billion views Snake..

.. to show off her “deadly” sexy butt at the radio recording place, Lisa took fans from one surprise to another.

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