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4 songs played in YG’s gym: This great music tells how BLACKPINK has a great body!

Are you curious what kind of music does YG's gym play?

In the Kpop music market, idols are not only evaluated for their skills, but also for their appearance. Therefore, the gym is something that should be in every idol management company. If you do not know, YG’s new building also has an extremely “genuine” gym. Jihoon (TREASURE) recently showed fans the location of YG’s gym in a vlog.

Jihoon reveals a luxurious gym in YG’s new building

Not only introducing the interior space with full amenities, Jihoon’s clip also accidentally revealed the songs played in YG’s gym. What songs are played that make YG idols work so hard? If you want to have a beautiful body like BLACKPINK, WINNER, iKON or TREASURE… then open this playlist now to get motivated to practice!

1. BLACK – G-Dragon ft. Jennie
BLACK is a collaboration song by G-Dragon and Jennie in 2013, before she debuted with BLACKPINK. This is a popular song that has cemented Jennie’s status as a “secret weapon” of YG Entertainment. Even if this is a melancholy song, BLACK is still heard in the gym. The charm of this song over time is no joke!



BLACK – G-Dragon ft. Jennie

2. You And I – Park Bom
Park Bom’s You And I is a song that Jihoon ( TREASURE ) enjoys while running on the treadmill. Released in 2009, You And I showcased Park Bom’s powerful vocals as a solo artist. You And I’s energetic melody really boosts the training mood!

Jihoon jogs to the music You And I


You And I – Park Bom

3. Island – WINNER
Island is one of WINNER ‘s biggest summer hits . The song’s upbeat melody is ideal in the practice room.


Island – WINNER

4. Don’t Know What To Do – BLACKPINK
Finally, the song Don’t Know What To Do by BLACKPINK . The song was played while Jihoon turned himself in front of the mirror. I don’t know if there has been a case where listening to BLACKPINK’s music has to stop to “dance”, music like this can’t be contained!

When BLACKPINK’s music plays, it’s just a matter of taking a break from practice to “play”!


Don’t Know What To Do – BLACKPINK

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