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The horrible incident turned sasaeng fans into a nightmare: Pantless fans harassed BTS, injured BLACKPINK, 20 cars stalked and scared the stars

BTS, BLACKPINK, EXO, SNSD... have all been victims of these extreme sasaeng fans.

What is a sasaeng fan ? With the meaning of “crazy fan”, this is probably no longer a strange concept for the Kpop fan community. This is a part of fans who are overly passionate, have scary impulsive actions. They are willing to do anything to approach, even infringe on the idol’s life. This has turned these “special” fans into a terrifying obsession for Kpop idols.

There is nothing that sasaeng fans dare not do, from knocking, touching, stalking, breaking into houses to kidnapping and even more terrible than threatening to kill idols. Here are 7749 sasaeng fans’ extreme actions towards Korean stars. M Sometimes referred to this phrase, not from the people fed up, pressing.

Sasaeng fan “no pants” stalking, invading BTS ‘s privacy
Referring to Kpop sasaeng fans, many people will not be able to ignore Lu Yao – the name that haunts BTS and the ARMY community (BTS’s fans). Lu Yao is famous as a “sasaeng fan without pants” because this girl often wears short clothes and shows off her body in front of BTS members at the airport to attract attention. This girl often stalks BTS in schedules, releases sneaky photos, invades the privacy of 7 “bulletproof” boys.

Lu Yao is a famous sasaeng fan who follows and accompanies BTS members at the airport

This girl often posts moments of sneaking and stalking BTS

This sasaeng fan is a nightmare for BTS and ARMYs

BLACKPINK gets pushed by crazy fans at the airport
As fans, everyone wants to meet their idols from a distance. But many fans, because of their extremes, caused a scene of jostling, even causing the idols to be scared and injured. In 2018, BLACKPINK met a crowd of fans at the airport. Fans constantly pushed, called names, even touched the members’ bodies. “Hac Huong” was constantly pushed and had to work very hard to overcome the crowd of fans.

The girls had to work very hard to get through the chaotic crowd. Seeing this scene, everyone is worried for BLACKPINK

Surely BLACKPINK doesn’t want to meet crazy fans like this

Sasaeng fan sneaks into the toilet, steals underwear, threatens to poison EXO
During the period of popularity with the national hit “Growl”, EXO members were constantly harassed by sasaeng fans and invaded their privacy. Crazy fans defy many tricks to approach and harass EXO members such as breaking into the dorm, stealing underwear, sneaking into the toilet with idols… These actions make the daily lives of the members. The boy was severely abused.

There was once a fangirl who shaved her head and disguised herself as a boy to sneak into the bathroom with EXO. This makes the members always be vigilant, even covering each other when going to the toilet

Or even panties that crazy fans can steal. After breaking into the dorm, this sasaeng fan stole and sold DO’s underwear on various forums. This person even feels proud of his own “trophy” when he got them all and… a few hairs

Even more dangerous was that someone threatened to pour glue into Sehun’s drinking water at the ISAC sports festival. Fans were extremely worried about Sehun’s safety and always told him not to drink water given to him by anyone

Taeyeon ( SNSD ) was kidnapped right on stage
Until now, the incident of Taeyeon being kidnapped right on stage is still one of the most haunting moments in Kpop. In 2011, while SNSD was performing, a man suddenly rushed onto the stage and grabbed Taeyeon’s hand. The leader of SNSD was startled, tried to resist but was still pulled away roughly. After that, despite being restrained by security, this strange man still refused to let Taeyeon go.

The strange man ran up to the stage, roughly pulling Taeyeon away. Fortunately, Sunny, security and many others quickly rescued SNSD’s leader

This incident made Taeyeon cry, shocked and took a while to recover

Sasaeng fans send blood letters to idols
In order to attract the attention of idols, many crazy fans do not hesitate to do extreme and even crazy actions. Instead of sweet letters or meaningful gifts, many fans make idols panic when they write letters in blood to express their feelings and emotions.

The most terrifying blood letter is probably from Taecyeon’s sasaeng fan. This crazy fan sent the 2PM member a letter written in “cycle” blood with a message expressing his love for the idol: “I won’t be able to live without you. Attach a few hairs of you”

Lee Joon (MBLAQ) was also devastated when he received a “blood letter” with the words: “Don’t forget me, you are everything to me. I love you. Remember this.”

Wonder Girls fans also slit their wrists, took blood and wrote letters asking for the group to come back

Crazy fan threatened to kill, bomb killed Apink
June 2017 was a terrifying time for Apink when they were constantly harassed by crazy fans. This foreign man kept threatening to bomb and kill Apink members. During the promotion period with the new song, the girls had to receive consecutive anonymous calls. This prevented Apink from leaving the house, unable to participate in music stages, and finally ending their promotions early.

The crazy actions of sasaeng fans make it impossible for Apink to complete many schedules

Police cordoned off all areas and checked mines at KBS headquarters after receiving bomb threats

Sasaeng fan stalked Super Junior and caused an accident
The hustle and bustle at the airport was haunting, the crazy fan’s act of chasing idols was even scarier. One of the most common actions is that sasaeng fans will hire taxis or private cars to follow idols’ schedules. These crazy fans are especially willing to pay, willing to spend a large amount of money for the driver to help them chase their idols. Not to mention, these crazy fans even defy traffic safety to satisfy their passion for pursuing idols.

In 2011, Super Junior was chased by sasaeng fans with 8 cars in Singapore. In the end, one of these cars caused a series of accidents for 6 cars, including a car carrying 2 group members.

Even though Heechul wasn’t seriously injured, he still felt haunted and became afraid of driving

Chanyeol (EXO) was also followed by 20 cars in 2015


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