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After her best friend left the group, Lisa was told to go her separate ways with BLACKPINK: Is YG like a “full-time prisoner”?

After Sorn left CLC and CUBE, many Lisa fans hoped that she would make the same decision.Do you predict Lisa will renew her contract with YG in 2023?

According to information announced by CUBE on November 16, Sorn decided not to renew the contract after a period of discussion. Sorn is also officially no longer a member of CLC. Thus, among the Thai idols Gen 3 active in Kpop, Sorn is the second person to leave the company after GOT7’s Bambam .

On Twitter, many fans are also calling Lisa (BLACKPINK) after her best friend Sorn’s departure from the group. Many fans are expecting Lisa to make the same decision, thinking that “Lisa deserves better treatment at another company”.

Lisa and Sorn went out together during their trip to the US last week

These fans think that YG has held back too much of Lisa’s development potential, lacked attention, and treated her unfairly for many years. BLACKPINK’s management company was criticized for “only favoring Korean members”, while Lisa showed a discriminatory attitude because of foreign nationality. Fans affirmed that Lisa when at YG was “like a full-time prisoner”, and wished that she would soon be free like Sorn.

Many comments tag Sorn’s account and call Lisa to do the same

“Can you tell Lisa not to renew the contract?”

“Lisa is next, I’m praying for that to happen”


“I just want Lisa to be free the way Sorn is enjoying it, isn’t it too hard? Filming videos, using Twitter, traveling and doing this and that. Lisa at YG is like a full prisoner- that’s the time”

“When will Lisa leave YG?”

“I hope Lisa will leave YG as soon as possible. Like Sorn or Bambam, they are already free”

In October, Lisa’s fan-only community was also aroused by the suspicion that the Thai female idol was discriminated against by YG. It all started with the CEO of BVLGARI expressing his regret at not being able to work with Lisa even though she was in France. Many people pointed out that BLACKPINK’s maknae’s solo promotions and personal schedules are much less than other members.

In order to claim justice for Lisa, fans pushed the hashtag asking YG to let the female idol work, unsubscribed from BLACKPINK’s YouTube channel, even her biggest fan station in China announced to stop buying the group’s album indefinitely. term.

Lisa returned to Korea on 11/15

When Lisa achieved an unexpected achievement with the b-side song MONEY , fans also criticized YG for not having a proper promotion for the female idol. Many fans cheered for boycotting YG and advised Lisa to leave the company to pursue a solo career. 2023 is the time when BLACKPINK’s contract with YG expires. Many Lisa’s only fans hope that the group’s contract will expire soon and Lisa will not renew, becoming a “free” idol, who can freely do whatever she likes.


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