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BLACKPINK Jennie Criticized for Cold Actions in Incheon Airport

On November 17, BLACKPINK member Jennie was seen back at Incheon Airport, returning to Seoul from Los Angeles. There, the idol was scrutinized for her cold actions. However, not everything was as it seemed. Keep on reading for all the details. — Here’s What Really Happened

BLACKPINK Jennie Criticized for Cold Actions in Incheon Airport

On the morning of November 17, photos of BLACKPINK member Jennie at Incheon Airport flooded the internet. The idol had returned to Seoul, South Korea, after flying to Los Angeles, South Korea, on October 26.

Several fans and reporters waited at the airport to catch a glimpse of the female idol. A Vietnamese fan named Van Anh Dao Ngoc shared several Instagram Stories of the idol at Incheon Airport. As she videoed the idol, she is heard yelling, “Jennie, I love you!” and wishing her a safe journey.

While the fan seemed happy to meet her idol, internet users on online community forums expressed mixed opinions on the situation. Specifically, in this clip, the fan is the only one yelling Jennie’s name and wishing her a safe Jennie. However, the “SOLO” songstress did not react to her words. Some even commented that Jennie did not spare the fan a single glance. This has caused disappointment among internet users, who claimed she was too cold to her fan.

BLINKs Defend Jennie After Being Criticized for Cold Actions in Incheon Airport

However, many defended the K-pop idol, saying that the airport is a crowded public place and that it would be impossible to greet each fan one by one. The fan who shared the clip personally explained that Jennie arrived at the airport at around 5 AM, so she was exhausted from the flight. However, she stated that Jennie still bowed to people and tried to greet everyone.

The owner of the video also stated that Jennie appeared cold due to her discomfort over the flashes of the camera. She was not being mean on purpose, and there was no other reason why Jennie appeared that way.

Before that, Nhatt Hoang, a famous Vietnamese influencer, also came across Jennie in the airport in Los Angeles. He stated that Jennie appeared extremely tired at the airport and, out of respect, people stood far away from her to make her feel comfortable. The influencer was praised for his actions, with people applauding him for putting Jennie’s comfort first despite being an avid BLACKPINK supporter.


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