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The reason why Jennie (BLACKPINK) is not happy at the airport: Flash flashes continuously, her face down all the way

The moment Jennie (BLACKPINK) bowed her head at the airport because of the flash light made the fans extremely sad.

After finishing the tour in Los Angeles, on November 17, Jennie (BLACKPINK) was at the airport to go back to Korea. However, the clips recording the image of Jennie caused some controversy when it was said that she showed coldness and did not interact with fans .

Recently, a TikTok account posted a close-up clip of Jennie at the airport and partly revealed the reason why the BLACKPINK member was unhappy.


Close-up clip of Jennie (BLACKPINK) at the airport

In the clip, it can be seen that Jennie’s appearance at the airport attracted many cameras. The moment when the flash blinked continuously has partly become the cause for the BLACKPINK member to be confused, lowering his face, covering his eyes with his hands the whole way.

However, despite being in an uncomfortable situation, Jennie still waved to the fans present or didn’t even forget to bow politely. This angle can completely prove that there is no such thing as Jennie being cold or showing her attitude to fans as rumored.


Jennie lowered her face, covered her eyes with her hands when the flash was constantly shining,She took the initiative to cover her head with her hat but still did not forget to bow to everyone,The moment Jennie was at the airport made many BLINKs feel sadPreviously, in the clip posted by Vietnamese fans personally, the fact that Jennie did not interact with fans caused many controversies. However, the owner of the clip himself explained that Jennie was at the airport at 5 am, so it was inevitable that she would be tired.Besides, being affected by the flash made her uncomfortable. And the clip recording the above close-up angle partly answered fans’ questions about Jennie’s moment at the airport.

Image of Jennie (BLACKPINK) at the airport when returning to Korea

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