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Suho (EXO) is caught in a marriage rumor, netizens are busy trying to find the bride’s identity: 2 goddesses BLACKPINK and TWICE are in doubt?

Suho (EXO) has never publicly dated since debut, but people suspect that he has a romantic relationship with these beauties.

On the evening of November 17, people were surprised by the rumor that Suho ( EXO ) will get married in February next year. This rumor comes from an anonymous post on the Pann forum , stating that an EXO member with the initials SH, not the maknae, will be getting married soon. All of these facts coincide with Suho – the leader of EXO.

So far, SM Entertainment has not commented on this rumor. People have also rushed to find the identity of the male idol’s fiancée, but there are no results. Since debut until now, Suho has never publicly dated, but has been involved in a series of romantic suspicions with popular female idols, including Jisoo (BLACKPINK) , Sana (TWICE) . These are the girls who are speculated by netizens to be the fiancé of the male idol.

Suho is supposed to get married in February next year

He was once rumored to be dating 2 famous beauties Jisoo and Sana

In October 2019, netizens discovered a series of coincidence details between Jisoo and Suho. Accordingly, the couple checked-in at the same place in France and Korea, raising the suspicion that the two idols are dating. However, before this series of evidence, neither Jisoo nor Suho spoke up. Rumors between the two stars have since fallen into oblivion.

Jisoo and Suho were seen going to France together and taken at the same angle, even captioned the photo and dressed in the same clothes

Both of them continue to be seen wearing purple clothes, captions with purple hearts, taken at the same location in Korea

Continuing, the couple that met without an appointment had the same photo in Brooklyn, New York

Jisoo and Suho both have the same flower

And indispensable accessories, clothes

Suho is said to be peeking at his lover on a music show

Sana (TWICE)
Besides Jisoo, Suho continues to be entangled in dating rumors with TWICE’s beauty goddess – Sana. The couple was discovered to have a series of similar pictures on Instagram. In February 2019, Sana and Suho together posted pictures of lanterns in Hong Kong, raising the suspicion that the couple had come here to secretly date.

The picture Sana posted on TWICE’s Instagram

Suho also uploaded a photo taken with a lantern like Sana’s

In September 2019, Sana posted a photo with the status line: “Do you like it?”

Suho is said to have responded to his girlfriend with another image and the caption, “I like it.”

In addition, Suho is also involved in dating rumors with both Chorong (Apink) and Mina (gugudan). However, most of these rumors lack conviction. Currently, whether Suho will get married in February 2022 or who his fiancé is is still a mystery.

Immediately after the rumor broke out, Suho made the move to post a story with the words EXO-L (EXO’s fandom). Netizens were all wondering, not sure if he was trying to reassure fans or something else


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