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Lisa hinted at BLACKPINK’s comeback, and also revealed more about the relationship with the members: Will there be “disunity” as rumored?

BLACKPINK's fans split 5 and 7, while the members consider each other like sisters!

Lisa’s appearance on the radio show Zach Sang Show on November 18 is attracting the attention of Blinks. When asked if Lisa is focusing on a solo project, or is working with the BLACKPINK members , she said, “We’re back to working together, but I can’t reveal more because that’s what we’re talking about. secret” . Lisa’s answer caused a “fever” in the fan community because there is finally a “hint” for BLACKPINK’s comeback!

Lisa attended Zach Sang Show on November 18 (local time)

At the talk show, Lisa also shared about her individual activities and group promotions.

When asked: “Who do you want to collaborate with? Your solo career has a lot of potential, and your musical color has also formed, it will be very favorable for any form of collaboration. ” Lisa did not hesitate to say: ” I have not thought about it because just completed promotions solo. I think the group should soon comeback because the fans are looking forward to it. They always ask: When will BLACKPINK comeback? “.

Lisa also revealed that the 3 BLACKPINK members all supported her enthusiastically when she made her solo debut. Rosé went to the MV filming set to cheer Lisa from night to day, and Jennie also advised Lisa on the outfit.

The female idol shared more about the group’s relationship, “We are like a family, like sisters. Not just a member of the same group, not a working relationship, not at all.” . She also revealed that she was completely proactive in choosing the outfit for her last solo session, after feeling uncomfortable with some costumes performing with BLACKPINK.

Lisa affirmed that BLACKPINK is very close, seeing each other as sisters

Lisa’s sharing about BLACKPINK’s relationship received a positive response from OT4s (fans of all 4 members). Fans claim that BLACKPINK always considers each other as sisters, only fans, akgae, spread the news that the group is “disunity”, “with discontent”.

– Lisa’s answer is like “fuck it” at anti and fan only.

– Idols who go to shows always tell the group to bond, fans only with akgae ask for a solo split, everyone says their bias is unfairly treated.

– Idols carry their backs and fans at home run in 8 directions.

– BLACKPINK is close but the fandom is divided into factions and never stops arguing.

– Looking forward to BLACKPINK’s comeback! But it’s going to be a long wait from the recording process to the MV filming and the official comeback, everyone…

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