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The fan was lucky enough to have Rosé (BLACKPINK) reply to the message, but the ending was blocked in the next minute, why?

The rare case of an international BLINK when texting Rosé (BLACKPINK) is being shared by the fan community on MXH.

Recently, the BLACKPINK fan community shared and laughed with tears in the case of a BLINK who was personally blocked by Rosé on Instagram. Specifically, an international BLINK account was happier than ever when, after a series of days of hard texting, Rosé replied to a direct message (Instagram messaging app) with the content: “Hahahaha sorry” ( Haha sorry you).

This person also recorded a clip to prove that the main account that texted her was Rosé – a BLACKPINK member and not someone else.


The clip was filmed by BLINK internationally to prove that Rosé personally replied to the message on Instagram

BLINK was lucky enough to have Rosé reply to the message with the content “Haha sorry”

Because she was so excited when the idol replied, this person then continued to text Rosé and was even “seen” by her. However, the “twist” took place about 20 minutes later when international BLINK was officially blocked by Rosé…

Specifically, on the next story, this person could not hide his surprise when he was blocked by Rosé: “And twenty minutes later, I looked at Rosé’s account, she blocked me. She actually blocked me. I was very confused and “in pain” at first, but then I realized the situation more clearly”.

BLINK’s messages are lucky to be “seen” by Rosé

But after only about 20 minutes, this person was blocked by Rosé

“I can’t access. She blocked me”


Lucky BLINK clip got blocked by Rosé shortly after replying to the message

Although he was a bit surprised when he was directly blocked by the idol when he just replied to the message, but after thinking about it carefully, this person had an explanation on his personal page. Specifically, lucky BLINK said: “(Temporary translation) After much speculation, I realized that because Rosé had accidentally replied to the message, I could send her a messenger at any time. So the message mine will show up on her phone Rosé must be confused too and that’s also why she hesitated before blocking me.

Rosé must have been afraid that I would text her continuously every day and that would sound like a sasaeng fan. That’s why she had no choice but to block me. I still love Rosé so now I just need to follow her by making another account haha. Oh my god, why is this happening to me?”

Because the incident attracted a lot of international attention from BLINKs, this lucky fan explained the reason and shared the story thoroughly on his story.

It can be seen that even though Rosé blocked her account, this person still understood the fact that she did not want to be disturbed, so she was forced to act like this. Besides, many people also realized, before blocking fans, Rosé said “sorry”. This is a job that is considered by the fan community to be extremely polite and respectful to the fans. This rare case is still being enjoyed by the BLINK community and shared on social networks.

Despite blocking fans, Rosé did not forget to apologize, making BLINKs extremely excited


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