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There is a shoe that makes Rosé BLACKPINK so enamored that “her” is on her personal Instagram more than a dozen times.

It can be said that these shoes are the "pet" item of the beautiful Rosé.

Following Rosé’s Instagram account BLACKPINK suddenly realized that the YG girl was very enamored with a pair of shoes. The proof is that Rosé wears “her” many times and the total number of photos with this shoe model that Rosé has posted is nearly 20 photos.

Rosé’s “baby” item is the Platform Sneaker Mm6 Maison Margiela, priced at about €370. This shoe model is worn by Rosé everywhere from going out to going on stage and mixed with a variety of costumes from two-piece skirts, daisy flower dresses, or personalized sportswear sets,…It seems that Rosé has a special preference for the Platform Sneaker Mm6 Maison Margiela model in particular and the bread shoe model in general. Just look at the pictures on her Instagram, it’s obvious!

In general, there is a reason why Rosé loves bread shoes. Because this is a shoe model that “never stops being hot” from year to year. With a flat base from 4-5cm high, it is extremely flattering, especially for girls of modest height. Bread shoes also help her outfit to be more personal, dynamic and healthy.If she is also in love with this item like Rosé, what are you waiting for without shopping right away. For the Platform Sneaker Mm6 Maison Margiela, you can order it through online shops or refer directly to the company’s website.

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