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BLACKPINK finally reunited after many fan battles, Jisoo released suspicious details like spoilers for the comeback?

At the end of a series of individual schedules, BLACKPINK gathered together to prepare for group activities.

On the evening of November 23, Kpop fans had the opportunity to riot when the 4 members of BLACKPINK simultaneously “hit” on their personal Instagram. The YG girls posted a series of close photos together. This is the convergence of BLACKPINK after a busy period with personal schedules. At the same time, this is also the first appearance of the group after a series of noise and friction from fan-only groups since October until now. Thank goodness BLINKs finally got to see BLACKPINK’s reunion!

BLACKPINK “hit” on Instagram with a series of reunion stories

The group seems to be reunited at the practice room to prepare for upcoming schedules.After heated controversies from Lisa’s unfair treatment to Rosé’s meager schedule of activities, or most recently, the “combat” vote at MAMA 2021, the reunion of BLACKPINK has made BLINKs somewhat warm. heart. Not only posting group photos, the members also released many pictures showing off their shirts, showing the closeness of the sisters.

Jennie’s image is as lovely as “baby”It is important to note that Jisoo has continuously posted images focusing on the words Tuesday (Tuesday) on her shirt. It’s true that today is Tuesday, but could this be a spoiler from BLACKPINK’s eldest sister? With Jisoo’s superior spoiler level, fans should not miss any details!

Jennie posted a photo of a shirt with Jisoo with the status line “playing words”

Jisoo also showed off her “third” shirt with the members, I don’t know if there is any “hearing” here?

Since Lovesick Girls , it has been almost 14 months that BLACKPINK has not returned as a group. According to information from the media, the group will make a comeback later this year. Is it possible that BLACKPINK is gathering at the practice room to prepare for this comeback ? It’s all speculation, but it looks like the real comeback is coming!

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