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It is not known where Lisa (BLACKPINK) contracted Covid-19 from, but looking at the list of friends who have been in contact for the past 2 weeks, I panic.

In the last 14 days, Lisa has traveled everywhere, contacted a lot of people, and there were times when she didn't wear a mask.

On the evening of November 24 (local time), YG confirmed that Lisa was positive for Covid-19 , 3 BLACKPINK members are currently self-isolating at home and waiting for test results. This information shocked the Blink community when just yesterday, the 4 members still gathered together after the odd time.The biggest question of fans right now is: Who did Lisa get Covid-19 from? Let’s take a look at her public schedule in the past 2 weeks:

First, on November 10th, Lisa went to DJ Snake’s studio

11/11 was a very busy day, when Lisa had a gathering with close friends Niki, Sorn (former CLC member)

And then meet Dena Wright, Jojo Wright at 1027 KIIS FM

Followed by dinner with Peter Utz, Celine’s fashion and events director

On November 12, Lisa carried out the promotion schedule for MONEY at the radio show Audacy Music

This is also the time when Lisa was filming for the radio show Zach Sang

On the evening of the 12th, Lisa was seen “dancing” in a nightclub with DJ Snake

On November 13, Lisa continued to have dinner with Peter Utz and met model Kaia Gerber

On November 14, Lisa met her best friend Sorn

On November 15, Lisa departed to return to Korea

And present at Incheon International Airport on 16

Most recently, after returning from the US, Lisa had a gathering with BLACKPINK members on 11/23.thus, it can be seen that in the past 2 weeks, Lisa has interacted with many friends and visited many crowded places. There are many moments when she doesn’t even wear a mask. Fans are now very worried about Lisa’s health. However, the fans are also somewhat reassured when Lisa has had 2 doses of the vaccine.Lisa is the hottest name right now.The keyword “Lisa” is currently on the top of global Twitter trends, along with many comments wishing Lisa a speedy recovery. Hopefully the remaining members of BLACKPINK all tested negative and fans soon hear good news about Lisa’s health from YG!

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