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In the midst of quarantine because of COVID-19, Jennie caused a stir among netizens because of a different set of photos

Lady Jennie (BLACKPINK) has just "entered" the people with a series of eye-catching photos showing off her gorgeous beauty like a silver screen star.

Jennie ( BLACKPINK ) is elegant and charming. The female idol constantly “treats” fans to eye-catching beauty parties. Most recently, Jennie made people feverish with a series of beautiful advertising photos with no way out. The set of photos released by the brand soothed fans while they were worried because Lisa was infected with COVID-19, Jennie and Jisoo, Rosé were waiting for test results.”YG Princess” appeared extremely gorgeous, wearing a simple black dress that was still luxurious and irresistible. Jennie’s already beautiful face, now wearing red lipstick, looks even more attractive. In particular, she also skillfully pulled to show off her famous ivory, bare shoulder, 90-degree angle. Jennie is so perfect from top to bottom, no wonder people looking at the pictures are confused as to where to look. It is worth mentioning that many fans commented that in this set of photos, Jennie exudes a different aura from previous images. Not too like a luxurious idol, “Living Chanel” is beautiful and gorgeous and has an aura like a movie star even though she has never acted in a movie before.

Lady Jennie is chic and irresistible in the new promotional photo. Her sharp eyes seem to have magic power to attract viewers

Jennie also cleverly showed off her bare shoulders, 90-degree right angle to hanger. Every time people look at it, people have the opportunity to admire Jennie’s charming collarbone and perfect shoulders

The front angle perfectly depicts Jennie’s beautiful body lines. Having a pretty face, Jennie also has perfect shoulders and a slim frame. Only her shoulders are revealed, but “YG princess” is already luxurious and rare like this

Jennie is definitely the definition of the word “chic”. The close-up photo of the face makes everyone “hold their breath” before Jennie’s beautiful beauty like a silver screen star

Previously, Jennie also showed off her perfectly beautiful bare shoulders many times. The BLACKPINK member was even praised by Korean netizens as the female idol with the most beautiful shoulders

The set of photos is like a medicine to soothe the mood of BLACKPINK fans while Lisa is positive for COVID-19, the remaining 3 members are waiting for test results.

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