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Jisoo’s fan got angry with Lisa after being positive for COVID-19: Only going to the club to “fluff” and affect others?

While Jisoo was promoting her personal project, the fact that Lisa was positive for COVID-19 and affected BLACKPINK made fans angry.

One of the most interesting information in Kpop right now is that Lisa (BLACKPINK) has tested positive for COVID-19 . On social networking sites, besides words of comfort, encouragement and wishes for all 4 BLACKPINK members to be healthy, there is no shortage of criticism for Lisa.Specifically, before being diagnosed positive, Lisa gathered with BLACKPINK members , which means that all members of the group became Lisa’s F1 and it took a period of isolation, many schedules. plan is cancelled.

Lisa is positive for COVID-19, all BLACKPINK members must be isolated.Jisoo’s fans are currently extremely angry when the eldest sister BLACKPINK is in the process of promoting a major solo project this year when taking on the female lead role of Snowdrop . The movie will be released on December 18. The absence of the female lead from upcoming promotions will be a great loss to the crew in general and to Jisoo in particular. Jisoo’s fans condemned the fact that Lisa was too carefree to go to a nightclub in the US without taking any precautions, which could also be the reason why she was positive for COVID-19.

Fans criticize Lisa’s act of going clubbing during the epidemic.Some comments on Twitter:- Jisoo was affected when the group members were partying irresponsibly in the club. Jisoo’s drama is only 3 weeks away but what’s going on? The female lead could not appear at press conferences, affecting the entire film crew.- Jisoo isn’t a club person during the pandemic but she’s getting sick, especially with her first female lead role?- Lisa may not care about her health while partying in Los Angeles, but she clearly doesn’t care about other people either.- Lisa was at a club in Los Angeles to promote a failed collab with DJ Snake. Jisoo stayed in Korea to promote her movie. And guess? That useless girl brought back COVID and influenced Jisoo.- Did you ask YG to send your girl (Lisa) to Los Angeles and now see the consequences?

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