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hot visual Jisoo (BLACKPINK) in the new movie, she’s pretty as a muse, her acting is also much better!

After the 3rd teaser aired, the audience suddenly gave many compliments to Jisoo.

Although the broadcast date is near, but the Snowdrop of Jisoo (BLACKPINK) and Jung Hae In still hides the goods very carefully, all that the audience receives is just a few teaser footage with a rather limited context. However, the audience still managed to “enjoy” Jisoo’s excellent visual. Despite being an idol, Jisoo’s beauty is considered to be the right standard for an actress, extremely beautiful and has the look of a muse.

Audience comments:-I can’t help but struggle with Haesoo’s visuals-Visual is like an actress, who would criticize her for being lackluster-Really, Jisoo’s beauty really suits being an actress, when I was an idol, I found it a bit scary but when I came here, oh my god, I fainted-Jisoo’s beauty is amazing- A muse, really a muse-The scene is like a Disney animation, adding Jisoo’s princess visual makes my armpits hurt

Jisoo’s outstanding beauty plus the movie scene is very poetic

Not only praised for her beauty, recently after the 3rd teaser of the film was broadcast, Jisoo also received many compliments on her acting. Because of her background as an idol, previously only appearing as a cameo in a number of projects, never showing her real acting ability, the fact that Jisoo took on the main role next to Jung Hae In made the audience extremely happy. fear. After the first teaser aired, she was also criticized for her emotionless voice. But now, after the latest teaser has been released, the part where Jisoo holds a gun towards Jung Hae In makes the audience more confident in the ability of this female idol. Many people were surprised by her acting.

The scene that is being watched by Jisoo at Snowdrop.Audience comments:-The gun scene is really good, looking forward to it-I got goosebumps when I saw the part where Youngro was holding a gun at the male lead, I didn’t expect her to act like that-She looks so good at acting, making her fans surprised too. Wake up from sleep-Soo looks so sad, so good at acting- I’m sorry for the time I thought you were bad at acting-I was worried that Jung Hae In had to carry the burden but now I’m less worried, looks like she can act.Set in Seoul in 1987, Snowdrop revolves around Youngro (Jisoo) – a young student girl who accidentally saved Im Suho (Jung Hae In) – a student of a prestigious university when he suddenly rushed into the dormitory. female injured. Youngro hid him and cared for his wounds even in the face of danger under close supervision.

The movie airs every Saturday and Sunday night time slot from December 18 on JTBC and parallels on Disney+.

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