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Korean army chooses the most favorite star: BLACKPINK is surprisingly low, aespa or IU dominating the chart?

BLACKPINK was unexpectedly ranked after a series of junior girl groups in the Korean military's poll.

718 soldiers of the Korean army recently voted together to choose the star they want to practice with the most in the cold winter. The results announced by the Kookbang Ilbo newspaper surprised people.Currently, the most popular girl group BLACKPINK does not take the first place, but instead is rookie aespa . Not to mention, the 4 YG girls are also behind even the less popular girl group fromis_9, IU or the expensive soccer player Son Heung Min.

1. aespa

aespa had the upper hand in the poll, surpassing many popular senior groups with 102 votes. It’s only been a year since its debut, but aespa has proven its formidable charm. It seems that both female and male fans are fascinated by aespa’s surreal AI style and unique beauty. SM’s 4 girls are the most loved stars of the Korean military

2. IU

IU has always been a star loved by the Korean public, regardless of gender and age. IU holds the second place with 99 votes, confirming her class and solid position. Surely the soldiers will be extremely excited if IU gives strength in the cold winter with her sweet voice and warm smile.

3. fromis_9

The not-so-popular girl group fromis_9 suddenly received warm love from the warriors and ranked 3rd with 72 votes. fromis_9 is just behind aespa and IU, surpassing even BLACKPINK. It seems that the cute, bright beauty has helped fromis_9 attract many male fans

4. Son Heung Min

Famous player Son Heung Min received 45 votes, ranked 4th on the list. He is a very successful football star, currently playing for Tottenham Hotspurs club. Son Heung Min is known as the pride of Koreans. Therefore, it is no wonder that the soldiers love Son Heung Min so much


Despite being the most popular girl group in Kpop right now, BLACKPINK stopped at 5th place, receiving 36 votes. Even so, the huge domestic and international influence of the YG girl group is still undisputed


IZ*ONE has disbanded but still occupies a high position on the chart thanks to winning 25 votes. IZ * ONE is extremely popular in the Korean military, winning the hearts of soldiers thanks to the dreamy muse style and uniform beauty.

7. Yoo Jae Suk

“Saint Yoo” is popular with the Korean public is obvious. National MC held 7th place with 21 votes. Even the soldiers of the Korean army want to be cheered by Yoo Jae Suk and give strength in the cold winter

8. Park Hyo Shin

Park Hyo Shin ranked 8th with 18 votes. The male singer who owns many famous hits such as Snow Flower, Wild Flower, Goodbye… is loved by Korean men thanks to his inspirational voice.


ITZY received 13 votes, being the last girl group to enter the top 10. The 4 girls of JYP are also extremely popular with Korean soldiers.

10. Lee Seung Gi

Lee Seung Gi is also a rare male star on the list. The male singer, actor and MC received 12 votes and closed the top 10. Not only women but also men also respect and admire Lee Seung Gi.

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