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How BLACKPINK was affected when Lisa was infected with Covid-19: Weak health, lost image points because of market discontent, comeback continued to be delayed

Lisa infected with Covid-19 brought a lot of noise for her reputation and image as well as the BLACKPINK group.

BLACKPINK is going through a temporary “freeze” of all schedules after Lisa was infected with Covid-19. As the top famous member of BLACKPINK, she just returned from a business trip to the US, so Lisa’s infection with Covid-19 has created a lot of controversy on social networks.It can be said that this is a “bad luck” clinging to BLACKPINK at the end of the year, when the group is preparing for the comeback and the members also have many personal schedules. Lisa’s infection with Covid-19 will definitely affect BLACKPINK a lot in the future.1. What will Lisa look like after recovering from the disease? Lisa received 2 vaccines, and YG also confirmed that she only had mild symptoms . However, many fans are still quite worried about the female idol’s health. In addition, the “post-Covid-19 syndrome” is also a concern.

What will Lisa’s health after Covid-19 be like?The Guardian on September 13 cited the results of a study published in the medical journal Plos that about 25% of Covid-19 patients in the US experienced persistent symptoms after recovering from the disease. Common symptoms include headaches, stomach upset, dizziness, heart problems, cognitive decline or depression. As a singer, Lisa’s voice and mental health are also a matter of concern. Will Covid-19 leave sequelae for the female idol’s throat and voice? 2. The scheduled series is canceled
The damage that can be seen right in front of it is that the work of each member is affected. All 3 BLACKPINK members have to isolate at home and monitor their health. On November 25, Rosé was scheduled to attend a fashion event in Seoul, but she had to cancel the schedule while self-isolating at home. Jisoo is also preparing to promote the drama ” Snowdrop” in early December. It is likely that many of her personal schedules will have to be postponed or even canceled.

Rosé had to cancel the schedule because Lisa became F0, she became F1

Jisoo was about to promote a new movie when suddenly she became F1, quarantined at home/Not to mention other schedules that fans can’t know about because Kpop idols are always busy. The end of the year is also the time when many music events and award ceremonies take place. This year is a successful solo year for Lisa and Rosé. Fans are looking forward to their appearance at MAMA 2021 taking place on December 11.If because Lisa was infected with Covid-19, Rosé became F1 and missed the award shows, it would definitely be a big disappointment for fans. How long has it been since BLACKPINK has not attended the awards ceremony, this year “not found” is “nothing to cry with sadness”!

Will Rosé and Lisa be able to attend year-end awards ceremonies?3. The comeback stage continues to be delayed

BLACKPINK is also about to make a comeback, but they have to delay the recording of new songs.On November 23, BLACKPINK stormed the Blink community when gathering all 4 members after a long time of “single-play”. This is said to be a good sign for fans about the upcoming comeback. In a recent interview, Lisa also revealed that BLACKPINK has returned to work together and is about to make a comeback . However, all of a sudden, Lisa was infected with Covid-19, the members of BLACKPINK were also isolated. Surely this situation will slow down the preparation progress for BLACKPINK’s new product.4. BLACKPINK is entangled with more unnecessary marketing scandals
As the top famous girl group in Kpop, along with a large fan base, BLACKPINK also has a “strong” anti-fan base. The fact that Lisa was infected with Covid-19 has brought negative effects to the group’s image.On social networks, many topics criticized Lisa for her poor sense of clubbing without wearing a mask, carefree contact with crowded places in the US. Many commenters also speculated that Lisa was incubated during a trip to Los Angeles 2 weeks ago. Indeed, although it is not clear from whom Lisa was infected, the image of her “coming to the docks” at a crowded nightclub is enough to create a market.

Lisa was criticized for taking off her mask and dancing freely in a nightclub in the US.Not only Lisa, the other members of BLACKPINK are really miserable when “sitting without getting hit”. Jennie or Rosé were antis criticize the party, go to the basketball in America without even see the shadow masks. As a group with a fandom that is not very united, the fact that Lisa involved Jennie or Rosé also made the fans only of each member very uncomfortable, fighting on social networks.

Jennie – Rosé also got infected after Lisa contracted Covid-19.In addition, anti-fans or fastidious “passersby” all have sarcastic comments that BLACKPINK has poor sense of. Even though they have had 2 vaccines, they should be careful when they have overseas schedules. The situation of Covid-19 in the US is still tense when there are still tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands of new infections every day. The fact that BLACKPINK carelessly “does this and does that” in the US without wearing a mask accidentally becomes a negative image in the eyes of Korean netizens – who are inherently conservative. Many opinions assert that YG girls should have followed the strict mask wearing policy, even if they are not in Korea. 5. Ending
Lisa’s infection with Covid-19 is something no one wants, and fans can only wait for her to get well soon. As for BLACKPINK, the group continues to prove that they are “born with a negative number”. The noise and controversy related to the YG girls seem to never end. Although Lisa will soon recover from her illness, and BLACKPINK will return to normal activities, it is possible that this story will become a topic of “rumored” in the eyes of Korean anti-fans or netizens.

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