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Want to faint because of Jisoo – Jung Hae In’s visual double combo at the back of the magazine, why does BLACKPINK goddess have strange eyes?

After a series of beautiful magazine photos, Jisoo (BLACKPINK) and Jung Hae In caused a fever with a series of moments in the behind-the-scenes interview video.

The new screen couple Jisoo ( BLACKPINK ) and Jung Hae In in recent days have continuously made social networks explode with a series of “heart-stopping” moments. The pair’s chemistry makes fans eagerly look forward to the show’s broadcast more than ever.After “teasing” the photos for the next month’s issue, recently, Harper’s Bazaar Korea magazine continued to release the behind-the-scenes interview of the two main actors Snowdrop . With excellent visuals and a series of romantic moments, it’s not surprising that the couple quickly made the people “disturbed”. Jisoo is always shining, beautiful, sweet and extremely gentle. Meanwhile, Jung Hae In scored with a charming and warm handsome face.In particular, even though they have only recently joined together, it seems that the couple is extremely close. The female idol-actor duo is not afraid to exchange smiles and intimate eyes, creating a sweet “chemical reaction”. Witnessing a series of sweet and natural moments of both, people constantly “push the boat”.

Although the drama has not aired yet, but Jisoo – Jung Hae In has continuously caused a fever on social networks

Not to mention the movie’s content, just the “double visual” combo between the goddess of beauty and the famous actor is enough to make fans satisfied.


The visual combination between BLACKPINK’s eldest sister and the cult handsome man makes everyone smile and admire


The interaction of the two is extremely natural, creating explosive “chemical reactions” that overflow the screen


The misty intimacy of the two main actors made fans crazy, had to “push the boat” immediately


The couple sometimes glanced at each other full of love, making people even more feverish

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