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Paradox: Lisa is positive for Covid-19 but it is Jennie who is criticized more, it is the holy city of BLACKPINK!

Lisa was "stoned" for taking off her mask to "dance" in the club, but even Jennie was infected after a series of "arrival" schedules?

The news that Lisa (BLACKPINK) is infected with Covid-19 is creating a great controversy in the online community. On Pann (Korea), a series of topics about Lisa received mixed opinions, many of which criticized the female idol for being too careless during her schedule in the US.The story is that on November 12, Lisa met DJ Snake at a nightclub in Las Vegas. In fan-recorded videos, Lisa takes off her mask to “go around” comfortably. When Lisa was infected with Covid-19, this image was “digged” with negative comments. Some Knets think that Lisa should have worn a mask at all times when interacting in crowded places and enclosed spaces like clubs. They also believe that Lisa was infected in the US, not in Korea.


Lisa was criticized for taking off her mask while going out at the club

Did the female idol get sick during her trip to the US?Lisa being “stoned” is understandable, but even Jennie was also blamed. Knet pulled back the pictures of Jennie “going to the docks” in the US, criticizing her for not wearing a mask. The fact that BLACKPINK is carefree when interacting in crowded places in the US is considered to be poor sense when many activities are just personal outing schedules, not related to work.Netizens think that the Covid-19 situation is still tense in many countries, and they do not want Kpop idols to have foreign schedules. If going to a foreign country, the stars must be extremely careful to keep themselves and those around them healthy

Knet dug up Jennie’s Halloween party photos.Before the comments that dragged Jennie into the matter, her fans confirmed that the Halloween party that Jennie attended on October 31 was a safe party. All guests must test negative before participating. Therefore, Jennie cannot be blamed for being careless when not wearing a mask. Moreover, on the morning of November 25, YG also announced that Jennie tested negative. She is now completely healthy, so comments criticizing Jennie are meaningless.

Lisa was infected with Covid-19 but Jennie became the object of attack.Some comments:- Even if the idols go to America, I hope they still comply with the quarantine regulations in Korea.- Jennie didn’t wear a mask and attended a crowded Halloween party. She’s so careless!- I wish the BLACKPINK members would be less involved in parties and clubs in America. Going on a business trip abroad, but always going to parties.-Jennie didn’t even get infected. Why drag her into this all of a sudden?- Why is it confirmed that Lisa was infected with Covid-19 in the US? I thought she was infected in Korea, because it’s been 10 days since she returned to Korea.- Lisa doesn’t go to the club to play, she’s promoting her solo song. Wear a mask only when necessary, not always.- After all, Jennie is also a representative member of BLACKPINK. Even if another member is infected, she still gets stoned.- Stop being mean to Lisa or BLACKPINK. No one wants to get sick. Hope Lisa recovers soon.


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