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Surprised to see Lisa (BLACKPINK) suddenly appear in Vietnamese Rap!

Vietnamese Rap fans have to watch it over and over to see if they're wrong.

Not only is it a playground for talented rappers, Rap Viet is also a place where many beautiful girls are discovered, making netizens search for identities. Most recently, a girl caught the attention of the audience in round 2 with the same appearance as the youngest BLACKPINK – Lisa. She was tasked with holding up the board between each competition.

The girl who looks like Lisa in Vietnamese Rap.It is known that this girl’s name is Bui Thao Ly and is a dancer of the Dance Company. Through a series of photos on social networks, many people also have to admit that Thao Ly looks quite similar to Lisa!

Thao Ly’s appearance is also quite similar to Lisa’s!

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