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Jennie reappears on social media while in quarantine: How’s the spirit?

Does Jennie's shoulder combo make fans less worried?

As the first photo uploaded after being negative for Covid, what party will Jennie entertain the people today? As if to make fans less worried, she appeared gorgeous and beautiful in a combo of black dress with a chest cut showing off her bare shoulders and full bust.

She immediately chose a two-piece dress with a chiffon bust, the tiny straps indifferently draped over her fragile shoulders: Disguised as a towering collarbone, bare shoulders and eye-catching chest groove. But it must be a black dress, then it will stand out with smooth, smooth white skinIt’s been a long time since people have seen her willing to post this sweet makeup picture: plump red lipstick, cat eyes with pink glitter as gentle as a morning flower, today her hair is also in order. It’s so smooth and so smooth

In another frame, she quickly changed into a tweed dress sparkling with night stars. Black is still the number 1 priority, and even though it’s hidden, the revealing bust still makes fans excited

Afraid of people who don’t know that she is “Miss Kim”, Jennie decided to curl her hair and show a chic indifference.

But the cute little nature is still coming back here… are you sure?

Every time she appears with a 2-string design, Jennie also makes fans fall on her slim shoulders. Looking at Jennie so pretty and glittering, have the fans breathed a sigh of relief yet?

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