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Lisa (BLACKPINK) re-appears Weverse, but there is a cumbersome handling phase that makes netizens say that she is “the queen of technology”?

After a long time not appearing on social media Weverse, Lisa had trouble using it again.

On August 2, the BLACKPINK girls officially joined the Weverse MXH platform. Weverse is a Korean website and mobile application created by South Korean entertainment company HYBE Corporation. This is an MXH application, specializing in storing multimedia content and communicating between artists and fans.

Intro video of BLACKPINK x Weverse.Unlike the other 3 members, Jisoo, Rosé and Jennie have updated and chatted on this social media platform a lot, but Lisa rarely uses it. Most recently, Lisa officially “re-exported: Weverse to announce her health situation after YG Entertainment announced that she had completely recovered from COVID-19 and ended the isolation period after 10 days of infection.

In her latest update, Lisa shared, “Wow, Blinks, I’m back. I signed out of Weverse and forgot my password so it took a while to find it back and I’m finally back. haha again sorry for making you worry these past few days i’m completely healthy now and i don’t have any sickness Lying on the bed and not having to go out, my Blinks, please always wear warm clothes.”.Not only sharing a new article, Lisa also posted a photo of her check-in at a fan-made banner ad for her and changed Weverse’s profile picture.

However, the fans were still “out of words” when it turned out that she did not appear on this social media platform because she forgot her password. This is not the first time that BLACKPINK members have forgotten the passwords of their social media accounts, Rosé has also forgotten the YouTube and TikTok passwords, Jennie and Jisoo are also very low-tech, so the 4 black and pink girls are loved by fans. for the title “Queen of Technology”.

Lisa’s new avatar on Weverse

Just returned to social media, Lisa also put her name on hot search


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