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Just because of a feature on Instagram that V (BTS) clicked to follow Jennie (BLACKPINK), the idol asked how to turn it off, I just pointed it out!

To avoid trouble, ARMYs, please tell V and BTS members to turn off this feature on Instagram immediately.

Yesterday (December 6), social media was in an uproar when 7 members of BTS joined Instagram with their own personal accounts after 8 years of debut. Very quickly, the accounts of the 7 members increased in followers rapidly every second and the members also followed each other with the company’s accounts. Therefore, besides sitting “counting followers” increasing rapidly at a “rocket” speed, fans also “check” more accounts that BTS clicks to follow.

However, in the early morning of December 7, member V (BTS) made people wobble when increasing the number of followers from 7 to 8 and even more surprisingly, the account he followed was Jennie (BLACKPINK) ).

The image of V following Jennie was taken by netizens before it was removed.Before the explosive noise, V quickly went to Weverse to explain, “Isn’t there a way to remove the following suggestions on Instagram? It’s such a scary app” . This sentence of V is to explain the case that he accidentally followed Jennie because it was suggested by Instagram.

V explained about clicking follow Jennie.Suggestions, suggestions to follow on Instagram are based on the fact that when someone taps Follow on someone’s profile on Instagram, Instagram will show them suggestions for similar profiles. maybe you want to follow. This feature is based on basic information such as celebrities, mutual friends or others they may know.

The image passed on by Korean fans said that Jennie was grouped with other Kpop idols.And if ARMY wants to show V how to turn off Instagram’s “scary” follow suggestion feature, it’s very simple, just go to Settings => Notifications => Following and Followers => Suggested Resources account => Off.

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