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This is the reason V (BTS) mistakenly followed Jennie, causing BLACKPINK beauty to be “terrorized” this morning?

Just in the morning, BTS and BLACKPINK fandoms were in constant turmoil because V mistakenly followed Jennie.

Yesterday (December 6), BTS became a global hot topic when all 7 members simultaneously opened their personal Instagrams, attracting a huge number of followers. But just using Instagram for 1 day, male god V caused controversy when people discovered that he pressed the follow button… Jennie (BLACKPINK) and quickly unfollowed after that. But what is the reason?

V was spotted following Jennie but quickly unfollowed him

Turns out, this was just a “slipped hand” accident. V indirectly confirmed this information by complaining about Instagram’s self-suggestion mode on other social networks, but the male idol’s actions still caused turmoil between the two fandoms of BTS and BLACKPINK. In particular, a series of crazy fans flooded Jennie’s personal Instagram and “terrorized” her with extreme words. And many people are still curious as to why V was able to track Jennie – who is not related to him. However, fans have carefully discovered something special and maybe this is the reason why both male idols and female colleagues fall into this ironic situation.

A series of extreme fans “terrorized” Jennie with comments such as: “Why is V following you? I don’t feel good”, “Are you dating V?”, “Jennie Kim, I feel V How do you pay attention?”… But there were also comments calling for fans to calm down because V just missed following Jennie.At the same time, fans seem to have found the cause of this “accident”. Many fans speculated that the cause stems from a seemingly unrelated person, which is the female lead of Squid Game – Jung Ho Yeon .Right after V opened Instagram, the actress pressed the button to follow the male god BTS. Meanwhile, she is a close friend and also follows Jennie. This caused Instagram to suggest Jennie to the “people you may know” section for V, and because the male idol was still new to Instagram, he pressed the follow button by mistake, causing chaos between BTS and BLACKPINK’s fandoms. It is known that Jennie and Ho Yeon are close friends for a long time, while V and Ho Yeon also have a close relationship.

As soon as V opened an account, Jung Ho Yeon followed right away

Jung Ho Yeon also followed Jennie, so Instagram suggested Jennie’s account to V, causing him to follow wrongly


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