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In the midst of the noise V (BTS) followed Jennie (BLACKPINK), a series of “hints” of 2 shady dating idols suddenly went viral on social media.

In the past, Jennie (BLACKPINK) and V (BTS) were said to have dated for revealing a series of suspicious "hints".

On this morning (December 7), V (BTS) and Jennie (BLACKPINK) became the media focus. The reason is because the male god BTS just opened his personal Instagram and accidentally followed Jennie, causing many fans to “terrorize” the female idol. Many people think that V just slipped, but many netizens suspect that there is a hidden love between V and Jennie.Also from here, a series of “hints” dating in the past between the two top Kpop idols were also “digged”. Netizens once pointed out that there are many similarities between V and Jennie as well as wearing the same clothes. The two also have a Pomeranian dog. In addition, the ideal types of Jennie and V also coincide with each other. V likes a sexy girl, cold outside, hot inside, this model is quite similar to Jennie. And “YG princess” likes a sexy guy who pampers his girlfriend, this image is also easy for netizens to think of V.

V and Jennie were spotted often wearing the same brand’s clothes

Both of them also have a Pomeranian dog.However, after that, both stars did not speak up and this rumor also gradually sank into oblivion. Until today, the names of members BLACKPINK and BTS are once again placed next to each other. In fact, Jennie is dating G-Dragon (BIGBANG), and V is still single despite being rumored to be in love with many female stars.

V and Jennie are the two brightest names on social media this morning due to the wrong follow-up controversy

Currently, Jennie is dating G-Dragon, the dating suspicion of V has fallen into oblivion

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