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V (BTS) Jennie’s SOLO stage reaction has a special difference when watching the whole group of BLACKPINK perform

After the wrong press to follow Jennie (BLACKPINK) of V (BTS), let's take a look at his stage reaction for her.

On December 6, the whole social network exploded before the event that 7 BTS members simultaneously set up personal Instagram accounts . Immediately, every move of members on social networks was noticed. And on the morning of December 7, V made a shocking move when he increased his following from 7 to 8. The guy who clicked to follow was Jennie (BLACKPINK) .

V followed Jennie on Instagram.Although then quickly clicked unfollow, but of course, it was too late, V! People couldn’t help but talk about the duo V – Jennie. On this occasion, many people couldn’t help but look for the interaction moments between V and Jennie.At the Golden Disc Awards 2019 stage , Jennie (BLACKPINK) had a solo performance of the song SOLO . BTS was also present at the award ceremony, the fancam captured the moment of V’s reaction when watching this stage.

V (BTS) reacts to Jennie’s SOLO stage (BLACKPINK) at Golden Disc Award 2019.Unlike most other reactions, V is much calmer when watching Jennie perform. He didn’t even look straight and “emotionless” in front of the SOLO stage .

V looks down, emotionless when watching Jennie’s performance

BLACKPINK sits behind BTS enthusiastically cheering for Jennie, j-hope or RM also enjoy swaying to the beat of the music.Worth mentioning, before that, when enjoying BLACKPINK’s performances, V was the most exciting person. Also at the Golden Disc Awards ceremony, but in 2018, BLACKPINK performed 2 songs ” Playing With Fire” and ” As If It’s Your Last” . Not only enthusiastically responded to the performance, the youngest members V and Jungkook also knew the lyrics of the song. V even danced to the extreme choreography.

V dances to BLACKPINK’s choreography enthusiastically

V is very enthusiastic and excited, different from watching Jennie perform alone.V and Jennie are currently two names that are very interested. The sudden interaction on social networks caused the duo to inevitably stir and discuss . Currently, V’s Instagram account has reached 18.5 million views in less than 1 day.

The picture V posted on his personal Instagram


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