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Jennie’s (BLACKPINK) behind-the-scenes photo, what’s the need for photoshop?

The "burning eyes" magazine photo series is still hot, Jennie immediately treated fans to a series of sexy behind-the-scenes photos.

Jennie ( BLACKPINK ) in the past few days has to be called “hot” when she constantly explodes the internet. After sitting idle, she also “hit the bullet” because V (BTS) mistakenly clicked to follow, she made people “fever” when she released a set of photos of lingerie that burned her eyes.The set of bold magazine photos that have just been released is still hot, recently, photographer Peter Ash Lee has immediately treated to a series of behind-the-scenes images. No need to make up or do fancy hair, Jennie’s body is the focus this time. Not to be bold, outside in a tight denim shirt, inside with black underwear, that alone is enough to make people “dumbfounded”. The BLACKPINK member fully shows off her tiny ant waist, toned abs without any excess fat. The behind-the-scenes photos are “strewn” like this, so there’s no need to photoshop.

With just light makeup, simple hair, lying in one place with an extremely sexy aura, Jennie made people fall in love with her.

Even with the tightest image in the super hot photo set, Jennie also showed an irresistible charm

The waist is tight, small like a fist, making everyone jealous, wanting to have it

Little Jennie next to great photographer Peter Ash Lee

In this series of magazine photos, Jennie wears bold lingerie to “burn the eyes” of the people, showing off the most perfect body in Kpop. Jennie today is number 2, no one is number 1

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