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Panic corner: Jisoo once “insulted” Lisa, BLACKPINK is not really as close as fans imagine?

Netizens review a controversial detail about the relationship of the oldest sister - the youngest BLACKPINK.

Referring to BLACKPINK , netizens often mention the top visual lineup, the charm of each member or the series of great achievements that the group has achieved. In addition, the topics surrounding BLACKPINK’s year-round civil war “pork porridge” fandom also often attract attention on social networks..Most recently, a post about Jisoo and Lisa’s relationship caused a stir at Pann , continuing to spark the “combat” of the fan group of only two YG female idols.

The topic of Jisoo and Lisa is controversial again on Pann.The topic is called “Is Jisoo on good terms with Lisa?” mentioned the nickname Jisoo once gave Lisa. Specifically, during the livestream on March 24, 2017, the eldest sister of BLACKPINK performed a coloring game and drew the members of the group. Jisoo said that she found a monkey that looks a lot like Lisa, so she will color the monkey first. When drawing a picture of Lisa, Jisoo filled in the nickname for the Thai female idol as  ” Nallalissamang” (playing a pun of Lisa’s real name with “nal” (monkey), referring to the naughty personality of the youngest sister). Next in a 2018 program, Jisoo was recorded calling Lisa. The female idol also revealed that she saved Lisa’s name in her phone  as “Nallalissamang”.

Netizens “digged” the nickname Jisoo gave Lisa

And question the relationship of the two BLACKPINK members.This is not the first time that the nickname Jisoo gave to Lisa caused controversy on social networks. However, when this topic “digged” again at Pann , Korean netizens still discussed the meaning of the word “Nallalissamang”. Some people think that even though it’s a pun on Lisa’s name, this nickname also has a bad connotation. “Nallali” means bully, and “samang” means “die”. Jisoo is said to have “rude” behavior towards the youngest member of BLACKPINK because of using words that are easily misunderstood.

Before the controversy, Jisoo’s fans confirmed that Jisoo and Lisa are the members with the best chemistry in BLACKPINK. Posts doubting the sisterhood of the two female idols come from akgae, or anti, groups with the aim of tarnishing Jisoo’s image and causing internal disunity in the Blink fandom.

The nickname “Nallalisamang” is associated with Lisa’s real name and the naughty personality of the female idol, completely without any bad intentions like the woven netizen. The phrase “Nallalisamang” means “destructive naughty Lisa”, a joking nickname among close sisters.

Some comments:

– The closer you are, the more you will like to make funny nicknames like that.

– It’s all just speculation.

– Jisoo and Lisa have the best chemistry in BLACKPINK.

– Lisa’s real name is Lalisa Manoban, Jisoo named that because of the cute and funny meaning.

– Honestly, that’s rude. Now that Jisoo and Lisa are very close, there’s no need to panic over this but it’s shocking.

No matter what, naming like that is intentionally malicious.

– The two of them are close friends, so there’s no need to worry about their relationship. There are people who are really free, all day digging around for others.

Lisa – Jisoo are close like sisters, but fans of the 2 female idols often cause trouble, “fight” each other for the reasons “oh my god” .This is not the first time the BLACKPINK fandom has had an internal controversy surrounding the oldest sister – the youngest Jisoo and Lisa. Last month, the fact that Lisa was positive for Covid-19 made a part of Jisoo’s only fans extremely angry. Fans criticized Lisa for influencing Jisoo while she was preparing to promote her first starring movie.In August, a moment cut from BLACKPINK Diaries Ep.1 also caused a stir in Knet, spreading rumors of Jisoo’s “attitude” to Lisa. Of course, these are all misinterpretations of netizens, but they also have a significant impact on the often tense atmosphere of the Blink community.

A very ordinary moment of BLACKPINK

Through the weaving of antis, it turned into “Jisoo glared at Lisa”?

In real life, the two sisters are extremely close

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