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Rosé BLACKPINK “discharges” a new image, the trendy turtleneck becomes the focus again

Anyone who follows Rosé can only guarantee a "fashion" fashion style.

Remember when Rosé went to the US to work, traveling here and there, people could admire her playful fashion style. Whoever dares to say that YSL’s global ambassador only suits feminine images, please see Rosé’s new post immediately.

It makes sense to say that Rosé has a lot of fangirls .This is one of Rosé’s most outstanding streetwear outfits. You can learn how to combine sleeveless turtlenecks with wide-leg pants and you’ll finish a top-notch hack outfit.

Truly BLACKPINK “brand lovers”, this trendy sleeveless turtleneck from Rosé comes from the brand ALAIA.

Admire the whole outfit with the “smell of money” of BLACKPINK beauties (Source: Instagram @style_of_rosie)

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